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Delia Dolor

The Dolor Factor with Delia Dolor

On air: 9AM Thursday 
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Delia is known for making her guests engage and open up, so opinions are real and sometimes really funny too! The Dolor Factor’s guests are worldwide and they’re celebrities, personalities and people you may not know, but excel by leading inspirational and entrepreneurial lives. Despite sometimes playing devil’s advocate, you can rely on Delia to ask the most pertinent questions and dig out the solutions. At the same time, she travels the world finding fascinating guests - interviewing them at work, on the beach, or at their favourite chilling spot. Don’t miss Delia’s Diary where listeners are given a piece of Delia’s mind! She ‘has a go’ at the things she’s experienced that week that affected or frustrated her that she feels listeners would want to have a say in. You’ll laugh at some of her accounts too. She shares her pictures on Escapades on The Dolor Factor ends with a Weekly Thought which encourages listeners to think positively until Delia does it all over again the next week. Why don’t you join Delia? Only on Colourful Radio.


Known for her ability to get the most out of her guests, media all rounder Delia Dolor began her radio career at the age of 11 in Saint Lucia, before returning to the UK as a popular guest at the BBC and presenter at Choice FM. She is an editor, television and radio presenter in London and the Caribbean and brings her international TV show The Dolor Factor to Colourful Radio.

Delia has interviewed personalities, celebrities, prime ministers and people with amazing and educational stories to tell. She is a relationship guru and has been credited with creating a more intimate confessional form of communication and to have influenced the lives of others. She is known by many for encouraging her audience to make the most of their lives and has received respectability and trust.

She is the host of The Dolor Factor, a television show that is distributed in 25 Caribbean islands, tri-state New York, Ontario and available in the UK and Europe.

Recent Guests

Hilary McCrea Hilary McCrea

Creator of FashionBytes which assists new and emerging fashion designers flourish

17/05/2018 9AM | More

Arnie Krogh Arnie Krogh

Relationship and Communication Coach and Holistic Therapist

10/05/2018 8AM | More

Rolande Sumner
Rolande Sumner

Mogul’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and a US Army Veteran

03/05/2018 9AM | More

Delroy Alexander
Delroy Alexander

Ex-soccer coach to former President Barrack Obama's daughter, Malia

26/04/2018 9AM | More

Lola Odujinrin Lola Odujinrin

The first British African pilot in history to fly solo around the world says nothing is impossible if you have a vision and act with purpose

05/04/2018 9AM | More

Julie Mansfield Julie Mansfield

When she was just eight years old Julie Mansfield’s uncle robbed her of her innocence. Now, 49 years old, Julie is a mother who favours the word ‘survivor’ over 'victim'.

22/03/2018 9AM | More

Patti Boulaye OBE Patti Boulaye OBE

Patti shares stories about her life with moving honesty and with pride as she continues to help others through her creativity, businesses and foundation.

15/03/2018 9AM | More

Eroline Lamontagne MBE Eroline Lamontagne MBE

Based in St Lucia, Eroline's words and messages are based on trial, failure and achievement that motivate beyond words

01/03/2018 9AM | More

Bybreen Samuels - Astrologer Bybreen Samuels - Astrologer

Bybreen reveals traits to look out for and why 15 February 2018 is a very special day for the solar system.

15/02/2018 9AM | More

Victoria Rose Viren Victoria Rose Viren

Victoria trained specifically in classical ballet, a training which she said has helped her to face and overcome challenges which have shaped her into who she is today

01/02/2018 9AM | More


Today's show

I loved today's show - it's motivated me to stick to the goals I've had for the past three years! Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte Atkinson | 04/01/2018

Delia Dolor's Thursday 4th 2016...Show

Thank you! Much love Jacqueline Grant Jacqueline Grant

Jacqueline Grant | 04/08/2016

Caribbean aid funding

Why can't the people in the Caribbean open a medical insurance account to help them if and when they might need medical support. This is equally a way forward to help them in a time of need. Martine

Martine | 30/06/2016

Did not know you switched countries. Miss your show today but will link up next week by his graces. Welcome back. Dalkeith "Dalla" Charlemagne

Dalkeith "Dalla" Charlemagne | 14/04/2016

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