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Sonia Poleon

Life - Your Issues with Sonia Poleon

On air: 10AM Wednesday 
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Your issues with great music


Sonia is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Author, Consultant and Inspirational Speaker who has run many businesses in her time.

Soon after achieving her degree, Sonia decided, she had enough and was going to set up her own business, because of her acquired skills in Housing she set up a Letting Agent but then found she was still managing what was called “bad tenants”. With all this knowledge, skill and passion she decided she was going to invest in properties, later she began seminars teaching people how to invest in properties and went on to finding investment properties for her clients.

By now she was approaching mid life and had a burning desire to give back to the community, she remembered when her sons were young and how much she had to pay for childcare costs, having twins meant she had to pay double money and there was no concessions for having 2 babies. It was a desire that she opened a nursery and showed parents how she could not only provide a valued service for their children but also make it affordable for their pockets. That was almost 10 years ago and her nursery is still going strong today.

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