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Hype HQ

Hype HQ

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Fun. Gossip. Trending Music


Hype HQ Reality Radio is a youth initiative run by young people full of excitement, gossip and worldwide trending music. You never quite know what is going to happen!

We help nurture young creatives and provide multiple opportunity in the music world .We have guests of all genres and cultures providing a platform for continued growth .

Our ethos is to build knowledgeable leaders.

The whole team plays a part with producing and presenting the show. We are made up of many characters and have worked together for over a year.

Teish, Lauren, Sami & EJ all bring different knowledge and experiences while still learning.

Recent Guests

Live Lobby - Lenzo Zeus Live Lobby - Lenzo Zeus

I am a artist started out just singing rnb/soul music, as I developed in music I quickly realised that my versatility could spread to other genres of music.

16/06/2018 1PM | More

The Reggae Choir The Reggae Choir

Reggae Choir is an exciting amateur non-audition, non-religious, contemporary ensemble, open to all who enjoy singing Reggae music, regardless of skill or experience.

19/05/2018 1PM | More

Jajii Official Jajii Official

David Obima (Jajii), is a Kenyan born Afro-fusion artist

12/05/2018 1PM | More

Live Lobby - Ariel Eden Live Lobby - Ariel Eden

Ainger-songwriter creative director and Stylist from California based in London.

07/04/2018 1PM | More

Live Lobby - Jay Scriptz Live Lobby - Jay Scriptz

UK Rapper Jay Scriptz otherwise known as “Mistar Scriptz” is a story teller in his own category.

07/04/2018 1PM | More

Mikyla Cara Mikyla Cara

UK based singer/songwriter

07/04/2018 1PM | More

Live Lobby - Linah London Live Lobby - Linah London

Linah London is an artist who turns her emotional turmoil into catchy R&B pop tunes with a hidden meaning to unleash hope and happiness into people's hearts. Those closest to her call her an alchemist of the broken heart; the ability to turn pain into gold.

31/03/2018 1PM | More

Live Lobby - Tricey R Live Lobby - Tricey R

Tricey R is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter, producer and performer from London U.K. Having started off dancing from a youthful age she later branched into music at age 11.

31/03/2018 1PM | More

Live Lobby - Joshua Gukas Live Lobby - Joshua Gukas

Joshua's music is inspired by soul and R&B infused with an Indie aesthetic.

31/03/2018 12AM | More

Live Lobby - NY NY Live Lobby - NY NY

NyNy is a Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Dancer from East London.

10/03/2018 1PM | More


Great music!

Kizomba!!! Cool!!

Tuli | 10/06/2017

Great tracks!

Despacito!!! Yay!! Just tuned in . Have a fab day guys!

Tuli | 10/06/2017

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