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Wake up laughing


I had a choice of two professions traffic warden or comedian. I figured either way you'd have to watch out for me!

Recent Guests

Antoinette Page and Abigail Thompson Antoinette Page and Abigail Thompson

Co-founders of Loving Hands Children's Network support children and young people who have disabilities, or are currently disengaged from society

25/03/2017 9AM | More



Great show as always Thinking of giving up chicken though 🤣💙 Ope

Ope | 30/09/2017


Just "tuned in" to hear some classic hiphop! :) d

d | 27/02/2016

secret apps

Hi Boe, You learn something new everyday. I never knew about secret apps. Thanks for the details of the app to monitor what your kids are downloading on their phones. I'll be passing that info on to my friends who are parents. Have a great day Gracie gracie

gracie | 20/02/2016

Afro Beats

We caribbean need to remember that we originated from Africa. Yes they should have a Afro beat float, anyway most Nigerians act like they are Jamaicans anyway. Remember Jamaican's motto, "Out of many One" so Nigers should come along and don't forget to bring their Agusi Soup. Gerona

Gerona | 29/08/2015

Ms Williams / Daily Mail

Listened to the podcast. Welcome! To answer your question: we should be ignoring "other" media and instead discuss across "our" media environments. The internet allows us to bypass legacy media. So, please stop taking the easy option to discuss legacy media and their unsurprising agendas, instead creating and supporting discussion within "our" media. d

d | 14/07/2015

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