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Andre Royo
Andre Royo
Royo is the lead in a BUFF Awarded film 'Calloused Hands' written by Jesse Quinones that will receive its official release on Video On Demand on 23rd Nov 2017

20/11/2017 8AM | STORY | Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe

Hollywood actor Andre Royo starred in The Wire as Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins and plays Thirsty Rawlings, a shifty defense attorney character in Empire.

Royo is the lead in a BUFF Awarded film 'Calloused Hands' written by Jesse Quinones that will receive its official release on Nov 23rd on Video On Demand.

Hard-hitting drama, Calloused Hands, is based on the life story of its writer/director Jesse Quinones and tells the story of Josh (Luca Oriel), a 12-year-old mixed race boy growing up in Miami who shows promise as a baseball player. Neglected by his mother (Daisy Haggard), and abused by her boyfriend Byrd (Andre Royo), he manages to forge his own path when his estranged grandfather insists he study for his Bar Mitzvah.

Calloused Hands, which premiered at the Miami International Film Festival, has screened in over 20 film festivals, winning numerous awards including Best Feature Film and Best Director at the British Urban Film Festival.

Jesse Quinones said:

"I am delighted that Calloused Hands will now be available on VOD. This film is a true labour of love, it took me 13 years to make from idea to finally getting the film made. It's very special that it will now be out there for allto see."

Andre Royo, who also served as one of the producers on the project, added:

“People should see Calloused Hands because it’s an intense, heart felt, and honest story about the pursuit of perfection. This is a compelling drama that shows the power of self reflection and a true examination of purpose in parenting."

Calloused Hands also stars Daisy Haggard (Showtime’s Episodes), the late Hans Howes (There Will Be Blood), and features a breakout performance from 14-year-old teenage actor Luca Oriel.

Calloused Hands was produced by Quinones’ production company Woolfcub Productions. The producers are Jesse Quinones, Ann Marie Goodwin, Paula Crickard, Andre Royo, and Danny Mendoza.

The film will be available on numerous platforms including FilmDoo, Amazon, Google Play, Opera TV, Sony Entertainment Network, and Microsoft Xbox Entertainment.



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