COLOURFUL Player - Listen Again/Podcast

COLOURFUL Player - Listen Again/Podcast

Missed your favourite show on COLOURFUL? Don’t worry, don’t panic. Did you know that we auto-record and auto-podcast every live show? Well, you do now.

So how do you access the show you’ve missed? Very simply:

1. Keep calm, compose yourself
2. On the navigation (on this website), click Podcast!
3. Log in or create a New Account as directed
4. On the Podcast page scroll to your favourite presenter
5. Now decide how you wish to listen – online, RSS, iTunes or download!

Help Us Help You
To help us do better, please send feedback to the Presenter/DJ/Show. You can do this even if they’re not on air simply by going to their webpage and clicking the Email Me button.

Get Help
If you encounter any listening issues at any time, just press the +HELP button at the top of the page!

The COLOURFUL Player. Pass it on.