Adelina Adjei

Adelina Adjei

A good friend encouraged me to blog after the many interesting conversations we have, and so Ad’s Diaspora was born and although sporadic in the beginning, it’s evolving. Flash forward to the end of 2015 and the evolution continues.

The foundation will always be the Africa / African diaspora experience.

I was tired of seeing a stereotypical narrative of black people in the media, or no narrative at all in some spaces. I decided to write about the stories I wanted to see.

My blog allows me to intertwine and share my voice, in stories that resonate with me.

Nothing supplements a blog more than good pictures! I’ve put in reference links to all pictures on my blog. If there’s one that I’ve missed, sorry! Please let me know and I will add it, or if (it’s yours) you want it removed I will do so. However, some pics will be taken by me on my trusty smartphone.

If you’re reading my blog then it must resonate with you, so whether you agree, disagree, like or don’t, let me know….comment, interact, engage, debate! You’re just a click away…

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