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7AM Colourful Breakfast
9AM Floriane McBain
10AM Jacqueline Malcolm
12PM Lazy Afternoon
4PM Colourful Drive
6PM The Hour
7PM DJ Hugo Boss
10PM Geoff Amex
7AM Colourful Breakfast Colourful Breakfast

Wake up. Shake up. Step up

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9AM Sinai Fleary and Patrick Vernon Sinai Fleary and Patrick Vernon

The voices of Windrush

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10AM Simply Greg Simply Greg

A show to empower you to make a change - one step at a time

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12PM Lazy Afternoon Lazy Afternoon

Gourmet sounds and warm vibes

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4PM Colourful Drive Colourful Drive

Shake up, step up

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6PM The Hour The Hour

News, documentaries, specials

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7PM Hakeem Onibudo Hakeem Onibudo

Music, chat, fun

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10PM Karina H Maynard Karina H Maynard

Entertainment show featuring music, entertainers, innovators and cultural leaders

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