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Wayne Marshall

Wayne Marshall

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Good news gospel and inspirational tunes


Radio has been a real passion of mine from an early age. Early recollections of my radio love affair began when playing as a kid with my parent's Marantz hifi. I stumbled across, what was for me, amazing soul underground music on some local radio stations. I was hooked from then and began exploring further. My love of music gradually grew and I started purchasing vinyls from RnB to gospel. My adventure into djing also began early with one of my first 'gigs' at about 18.

I have been involved in radio as a broadcaster/producer and Dj on air since 2002 getting involved in training, producing, managing and broadcasting radio, working on Bridge AM, BANG Radio in North West London, and more recently on G Force Radio and as a presenter/producer at one of the largest Christian Radio stations in the UK, Premier Christian Media.

I regularly Dj at different events, specialising in Gospel, Classic RnB and Soulful (Gospel and Inspirational) House as part of a Good News group called KINGZ playing music for different occasions on request.

Recent Guests

Michael Wallace and Jasmine Dale Michael Wallace and Jasmine Dale

Michael is one of the creators of Kickoffat3 and Jasmine Dale is from Brent’s Got Talent

30/06/2019 9AM | More

Audrey Linton Audrey Linton

Audrey has just released a new single called ‘Father’ This song was written to support the Gideons Orphanage in Kenya.

12/05/2019 9AM | More

Dr Angela Herbert and Courtney Brown Dr Angela Herbert and Courtney Brown

Dr Angela Chair of The Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB) and Courtney Founder of Father2Father

14/04/2019 9AM | More

Michael Wallace Michael Wallace

Michael is a serving Police Officer who works in Community and Youth Engagement and is passionate about supporting youth and community initiatives outside work too.

07/04/2019 9AM | More

Barbara Murray Barbara Murray

WNTCG Single Adults Ministry 

28/10/2018 9AM | More

Dr Neville Lawrence and Dr Angela Herbert Dr Neville Lawrence and Dr Angela Herbert

Dr Lawrence and Dr Herbert are working on a project to prevent young people becoming involved in violent crime.

06/05/2018 9AM | More

Leanne Jackson Le Blanc survivor of Grenfell Tower Leanne Jackson Le Blanc survivor of Grenfell Tower

I am doing a fundraiser concert. Whilst many of us are so grateful for the huge amounts of love, support and assistance everyone else has shown over the past three months, I felt that it was time for me to give what I have and that is my creative expressions of love.

24/09/2017 9AM | More

Dr Angela Herbert Dr Angela Herbert

Angela is an acclaimed public speaker specialising on social matters and promotes equality and opportunities for the creation of opportunities for ‘marginalised’ members of society to be given a voice.

02/07/2017 8AM | More

Reverend Colin Francis Reverend Colin Francis

Reverend Francis has been involved in ministry to men for over 28 years, some of which was spent doing district and national men’s ministry in the Church of God of Prophecy.

25/06/2017 8AM | More

Stampede 2 Stampede 2

If you like to dance, this is for u, if you like to sing-along, this is for u, if you like meeting new people, this is for u.

31/10/2015 8PM | More


Young people

Listening and feeling blessed this morning from everything I am hearing. It'd be great to see how you will bring all the groups together to make your plans a success. God bless you, Nevile and Angela. Erica Erica

Erica | 06/05/2018

Inspiring Show with Nevile Lawrence

Very inspired this morning hearing this chat with Nevile Lawrence. His forgiveness of the people who killed Stephen is exactly what Jesus would have done. However, surely being human as any of us, how does Nevile feel about the arrest in Spain on Friday of Jamie Acourt in Spain? Does that bring up any feelings of at happened to Stephen? You're all talking the truth we should all talk or hear of every day. God bless you all. Max

Max | 06/05/2018

Good morning

Love the show Wayne and just love Ian Green's song - God is able. Stay blessed and keep on keeping on :) Pauline Graham

Pauline Graham | 09/10/2016

Track List request

Hi Wayne, Good morning to you. I am listening to the tunes and loving the spirit of the message. i'd love to get a track list so that I can play some of these style of tunes on my show. Massive love and respect for the show Tim

Tim | 26/06/2016

the faith

Cold start, but warming sounds! :) d

d | 10/04/2016

in the mix

A bit late to the mix live, but thankfully there's always the podcast! :) d

d | 20/03/2016

good music

Usually listen via podcast. Great show over the years, keep going! :) d

d | 21/02/2016


Nothing like waking up to the Colourful sounds of Wayne Marshall on our Lord's day! Dominic Blackwood

Dominic Blackwood | 20/09/2015


Loving the show u dropping phat beats! Dom

Dom | 31/05/2015

Your show

Morning Wayne, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your show, I try and wake up as early as possible on a sunday now to listen in! Have a blessed day Dominy

Dominy | 17/05/2015

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