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RnB. Soul. Gospel. Rare Groove



Thank you

Thanks steve for playing tracks - I have a playlist here and will send to you soon. Really would like to do a praise party one of these days and spin some tunes!! xx Pauline

Pauline | 02/12/2017

Enjoying the show 😃

Hi steve - nice 3 rare grooves. Please say hi to all Reaching Higher Youth leaders. Off Monday with 135 young people for annual youth camp. Gonna be amazing 😃 Pauline graham

Pauline graham | 08/04/2017

Thank you

Thanks Steve loved rare grooves as usual. Please send happy birthday wishes to Nicky whose birthday it is today. Also hi to chelsea and Shannon who are here listening in with me by the pool. Thank you 😃 Paulin

Oaulin | 05/11/2016

Too Three

Hi Steve If you have time can you play one of these songs By Heatwave Always and Forever Central Heating Star of the Story Vincent

Vincent | 22/10/2016

Good music!

Hi Steve the tunes are on point tonight! thanks very much. I particularly loved that cultural tune - waiting for my prince/king? something like that - a wicked tune lois

lois | 10/09/2016

Thank you from Luke

Hi Steve - Yes we are locked on and Luke is here listening as is Rachael. Just finishing last of the cooking for later. Stay blessed.P xx Pauline

Pauline | 10/09/2016

Hi from Bristol

Hi Steve - just got back to Karls - having lovely time in Bristol Karl, Leah, Like and Rachael. Lunch down at Bristol Harbour in the sun was beautiful. Rachael and Luke jamming with Uncle Karl. Will definitely listen to the show properly when back home. Stay blessed . P x Pauline

Pauline | 28/05/2016

Thank you so much

Hi Steve Thanks so much playing slow jam three - mums a bit emotional at the moment - bless her. Keep up the good work and take care Lorraine Lorraine (Pauline's daughter)

Lorraine (Pauline's daughter) | 30/04/2016

saying hi mummy fugi for mother in the sky for tommorrow fugitive

fugitive | 05/03/2016

Enjoying the show so much tonight -thank you

Asked my grandson Luke (9 years old) what is his thought on the show as he is here with me nodding his head to the music - his response was, the music is very nice, but its a shame that he is a arsenal supporter - out of the mouths of children!! Steve I know I have emailed quite a bit tonight, but have so enjoyed the show tonight (last email tonight, I promise). Will definitely be listening again on catch up/podcast in the week, maybe even listen more than once!!. keep on keeping on Steve and have a blessed week. P Pauline

Pauline | 09/01/2016

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