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Smooth C

Con-fusion with Smooth C

On air: 5PM Saturday 
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A musical journey



great music

lovely ballads on a great day how about some Robert gray shiver or you move me or bobby brown so plese finally able to tune in and its been one great song after another just have to set my laptop so the volume stops changing will spread the word enjoy the evening Charles and lucy lucy robinson

lucy robinson | 19/05/2018

Smooth C Con- Fusion

Enjoying the vibes from the show! Jennifer

Jennifer | 06/01/2018

Smooth C

Cool as ever Con..... Shout out: Say 'hi' to J, from Michael, kisses...

Mike | 26/08/2017

Boogie Oggie oggie

Tune! Dancing in the car Andrea

Andrea | 13/05/2017

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