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Serah Lister

Life: Your Faith with Serah Lister

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Your faith matters


Serah is an award-winning Radio Presenter, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Event Host and a successful IT Business Consultant.

Serah says her FAITH is the foundation to her success.

Life has not been a smooth ride for Serah; she remembers when she lay on the deathbed, in and out of consciousness in a hopeless situation. The doctor said she would die within 7 days and her family, on the other hand, were preparing her funeral! Serah had accepted her fate but deep within her she still held on to a promise she had received 2 years prior to this illness and blatantly challenged God.

Penniless, Serah followed a call to go to U.K. With $100 from a friend, one-way ticket and no visa she dared to believe God and left her home, family and friends to the unknown! Her daring faith has seen her travel internationally to Albania, Holland, Slovenia, America, Canada, Nigeria, India, United Emirates, Egypt, Tanzania, Hong Kong, South Africa, Uganda, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, Greece to name a few.

Today Serah shares the power of faith, from the valley of death to a miraculous life powered by a simple faith believing the words in Psalms 118:17 - ‘I will not die but live to tell what the LORD has done’.

Serah and ‘her God’ are inseparable and she believes FATH is the doorway to all the heart desires!

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My Interview today

hello, I caught the tail of your show which was great. Thanks for having me on your show. Dr Princess Fumi Hancock

Dr Princess Fumi Hancock | 25/02/2018

Review 5*

Your Faith Matters Radio Show with Serah Lister. I was her guest and I felt comfortable with Serah, she’s a lovely lady. She was pleasant, funny and very professional. It was an great experience. Maureen Morgan

Maureen Morgan | 03/02/2018

Dear Serah, Greetings come to you for a great day. I am back from vacation and l am tuned in. Blessings always Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 21/09/2017

Hi Serah, Greetings come to you for a great day. Im back from my vacation and l am tuned in. Marcia

| 07/09/2017

Happy birthday

Beloved and blessed birthday greetings to you, Serah...ENJOY and have fun Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 27/07/2017

I am listening.

| 08/06/2017


Hi Serah, Greetings! I am listening. Blessings Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 01/06/2017


insightful show. love this topic. what insight could you share to those who hear "a voice" directing them in a right path but they do not attribute the voice to God ? for example they may attribute the voice to the "universe or mother earth" Claudine

Claudine | 11/05/2017

Lola Gordon

Amen Speak the truth Afaron

Afaron | 27/04/2017


In enjoying the testimony of this young person Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 20/04/2017

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