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Lorraine King

Lorraine King

On air: 10AM Saturday 
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Ultimate rare groove music


Journalist, avid vinyl collector, occasional DJ, mother of two, chatterbox who loves life and shoes!

Recent Guests

RIP Lionel Morrison OBE RIP Lionel Morrison OBE

Former president of the National Union of Journalists, first black journalist to hold that office. An inspirational black journalist who helped pave the way for others of colour.

02/11/2016 8AM | More

Were you at Surrey pool party in Headley on Sunday 24 July? Were you at Surrey pool party in Headley on Sunday 24 July?

Ricardo Hunter, aka 40, was murdered after a shot was fired at the exclusive party in the Surrey hills.

27/08/2016 10AM | More

Junior Star Singer Songwriter Radio Tour comes to Colourful Radio Junior Star Singer Songwriter Radio Tour comes to Colourful Radio

Young singers will get the chance to make a record with top UK music producer.

16/07/2016 11AM | More

British Soul Groups British Soul Groups

How many of these 70s & 80s British groups can u name? Lorraine King will be playing their music this Saturday from 10am

23/04/2016 10AM | More

When David Bowie ripped into MTV for not playing Black Artists

“It’s [MTV] got a lot going for it. I’m just floored by the fact that there’s so few black artists featured on it. Why is that?”

16/01/2016 10AM | More

Idris Elba OBE Idris Elba OBE

Idris Elba receives OBE (Officer of The Order of The British Empire) recognition for 'Services to Drama' in Queen's New Year's Honours List 2016.

30/12/2015 10AM | More

Too early, too soon Too early, too soon

83% of UK kids have seen pornography by the time they’re 13. Tune in and join the debate with Lorraine King this Saturday, 10a

12/12/2015 10AM | More

Join the debate on Syria Join the debate on Syria

MPs have had their say, now you can have yours…

05/12/2015 10AM | More

STOP the killings STOP the killings

Our feature story on the 13 teenagers killed in London in 2015

14/11/2015 10AM | More

Nicola Calica-Myall and Stefan Brown Nicola Calica-Myall and Stefan Brown

Nicola Calica-Myall and Stefan Brown chat to Lorraine King

14/11/2015 10AM | More


Nice choons!

Hi Lorraine. Hope you're well. Still checking out your show most weekends or catching up on Mixcloud when I can't. Nice choons again today. 🙂 Ian IAN FRANCIS

IAN FRANCIS | 04/08/2018


Hi from Barbados. Loving the tunes :) Juliet Juliet

Juliet | 24/02/2018

keeping me warm

GM I hope you're keeping warm....youre keeping us warm as we listen. Its was very cold last evening at the African market stalls, however wishing all the traders a very successful trading day. Cant listen at the moment but will catch up using app merry xmas Angel Ang James

Ang James | 09/12/2017

thank you for being here !!

Finding your show has been such a blessing and musically enlightening experience. Its a breathe of fresh air. You lift many of my days with your podcasts introducing me too blue eyed soul, the world of japanese soul and your guests. Happy 2nd anniversary and any chance of a nabbing another few Colourful hours? Have a lovely week tracking and I look forward to hearing your new finds. Ang Ang James

Ang James | 11/11/2017


I m a french listener got you over internet I listen your show every time i got the chance and i m always full of happiness !! Thank you Michael Ps sorry for my english i ll try to do my best. Michael

Michael | 04/03/2017

Loving the tunes

I'm driving through London on my way to Brighton listening to your show loving the tunes. Matthew

Matthew | 18/02/2017

Your show today with special guest Stefan Brown

Hey Lorraine, Great show and loving the vibes. Great that Stefan is on the air with you. He is inspiring and speaks the truth with wise words of the realities of the inflicting dangers our young children realistically face out there within our community. Knife and gun crime has totally spiraled out of control and taking young innocent lives away from their friends and families literally daily. Thinking a knife or gun can easily resolve a conflict simply isn't a solution and if those whom are out there doing this begin to truly realise the impacts of this on those left behind to pick up the pieces perhaps our community wouldn't be suffering such unfortunate consequences. Keith Harwood

Keith Harwood | 28/01/2017

Colourful Radio

I'm a first-time listener and I'm thoroughly enjoying the show! George Oliver

George Oliver | 21/01/2017


Hi Lorraine I am listening to you streaming on my Radio. John in kent

John in kent | 29/10/2016

Listening to the show

Morning I'm listening via the mobile app you guys are sounding good.. Mark

Mark | 29/10/2016

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