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Jazzi Q

Jazzi Q

On air: 7PM Wednesday 
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Eclectic old and new soulful music


Jazzi Q fell in love with music from as early as he could remember. Born in the sound system household of Federal Sound, Q started DJ-ing as a 14-year-old schoolboy entertaining at local birthday and football club parties, youth clubs and school discos.

Such became his popularity in his local and surrounding areas; he received his first local resident spot, every Thursday night in Camis Nightclub in Hackney, East London followed by sharing bills with top DJs from the London club and party scene.

Hailing from Archway, London, Q was school partners of certain later to be known as…Jazzie B and Daddae Harvey. The three friends grew together and with the addition of Aitch B, created the legendary sound system SOUL II SOUL.

The sounds reputation grew as they tour the county with their unique bass sound. But it was on their own door step, in the thick of warehouse parties, their first central London regular Sunday nights at the Africa Centre blew the UK club scene to a different level.

Sparked off by the clubs success, dubs such as “Feel free” and “Fairplay” pivoted Soul II Soul to international success with No.1 hits, numerous tours and special appearances all over the world.

As part of the Soul II Soul Production team Q developed and deployed his programming skills on the bands further albums and works including legends as James Brown, Cheryl Lynn, and the Jones Girls. As well as productive work in the studio, Q continued on the club scene as manager of the famous Soul II soul, Friday nights…The fridge. Jazzi Q has shared his Dj-ing talents all over the world including the major cities in the UK,Germany, Switzerland ,Sweden, Holland, France, US, West Indies, South America, Hong Kong, weekly residents in Italy and a 6 week Japanese club tour in 14 different cities. ” Yeah, that was some tough going, one of my most pleasurable experiences”

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Join us, hang out, have fun, and support local people and businesses

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yes please... Playlist!!! 🔊😀

Loved that Mix!!! .... beginning to end!!! 🔊🎶💣💥.... hope ur well Q!! ... ✌🏽💕😊 jolanta omeara

Jolanta | 31/01/2018


It's just getting better and better. D :)

Donna | 13/12/2017

Great Show.

Jazzi Q love this show, catch you next week Amyx and thanks for the shout to my sister.xx Amy love

Amy love | 29/11/2017

Music man music

Jazzi Q hey man what's up? Loving the music my brother... play me some ok school hip hop now Man!! Kurt P

Kurt P | 29/11/2017

Loving the show tonight

Hi Jazz Q Just getting ready to go out and I'm dancing around the kitchen and bathroom, loving the tracks. One of the U.K's top Cuban promoter's an DJ's,Enrique Perez contacted me to find out what was the first track you played on Hughie's show when we were late. Great choice. See you next week Kerry x Kerry

Kerry | 08/11/2017

Jazzi Q Mix Show

Hi Jazzi Q My name is Phedra, I have to say you had me and my girls parting last night with your mega mix show. listening back again this afternoon on the Podcast and sounds even could this be!... PR Bexleyheath Phedra Rolls

Phedra Rolls | 16/02/2017

Wedding tunes!

Thanks Jazzy Q for some great tunes and ideas for the soundtrack to our wedding next Friday in Swindon. Patrick

Patrick | 17/08/2016

Muhammad Ali

Great start to a recent podcast, to play a rap by the "greatest of all time". Muhammad Ali, an icon. d

d | 30/06/2016

Jazzi, loving the music

Can you play Lonnie Liston Smith Space Princess for me. xx Andi

Andi | 08/06/2016

The hiphop

You must the only DJ to play the mighty KRS!!! :) Great podcasts; essential listening. d

d | 07/06/2016

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