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Simply Greg

Life - Step UP with Simply Greg

On air: 10AM Thursday 
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A show to empower you to make a change - one step at a time


Greg Langola is a personal development coach, speaker and radio host.

Despite having no previous experience in radio, it was as a result of his first appearance on local radio, that Greg managed to land his first opportunity in hosting his own talk show.

3 years on, not only has Greg been awarded SLAM Radio DJ of the month (May 2016) and Presenter of the year (2017). Yet he continues to produce the latest and most inspiring content i.e "How To Build A £50m Empire" with Charles Gordon (millionaire property developer, and investor of the pop group "Booty Luv" and "Big Brovaz").

Greg also hosted "The Hidden Truth Behind The Grenfel Fire", reaching over 10k people and 4.1k views.

Recent Guests

Tene Edwards Tene Edwards

Tene is a spoken word artist, author, and self-love enthusiast

28/11/2019 11AM | More

Syrita Morgan-Gayle (Syritas Glow) Syrita Morgan-Gayle (Syritas Glow)

Syrita is an International, professional psychic medium.

21/11/2019 11AM | More

Shelley Twinn Shelley Twinn

Actress, Singer and Author of her first book Dating Is Us

14/11/2019 11AM | More

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