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Desiree Joule-Adam

Start-Up Africa with Desiree Joule-Adam

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The innovative start-up culture and ecosystems


Desiree is an Entrepreneur, Creative Thinker, Motivational Speaker and Mentor. With a career spanning 25 years, Desiree has worked in various industries from Healthcare to Hospitality, Education, Telecommunications and Media.

With her passion for women, business and technology, she co-founded iProtégé, a virtual and face-to-face eco-system of women who have ideas for business but are not sure how to get them off the ground. They work collectively to map, incubate and hatch these ideas.

She is an advocate for African Women in Leadership and often works with local Councils and Social Enterprise Initiatives in UK and abroad in a voluntary capacity to support and mentor women and today’s young people.

She holds a Foundation Degree in Media, TV & Journalism from Birkbeck, University of London and Leadership Development and Counselling Certificates.

Recent Guests

Amref - Elizabeth Ntonjira Amref - Elizabeth Ntonjira

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at Amref Health Africa, the largest Africa based international non-governmental organization currently running programmes in over 35 countries in Africa

09/07/2019 10AM | More

Frances Longley Frances Longley

Amref CEO - Amref Health Africa is Africa's leading health charity.

16/05/2019 10AM | More

Adamu Waziri Adamu Waziri

Adamu is the Founder, Director and Creator responsible for the creation and development of Bino and Fino.

16/05/2019 11AM | More

Slydon Lungu Slydon Lungu

Co-founder of InDiaspora Inc. Ltd, a technology start-up focused on building intelligent systems using A.I. and Machine Learning.

09/05/2019 11AM | More

Mr. Jacob Ashong and his wife Jane Ashong Mr. Jacob Ashong and his wife Jane Ashong

Founders of the Ghana Planetarium in Accra. Aside from running the planetarium, part of their work is encouraging STEM education across Ghana.

11/04/2019 10AM | More

Ben Anim-Antwi Ben Anim-Antwi

Ben is a founding member of Future of Ghana Ltd a Charity which brings together Ghanaian Diaspora and Africans for the establishment of a proactive global community for development.

07/03/2019 11AM | More

Gwendolyn Myers Gwendolyn Myers

Founder and Executive Director Messengers of Peace-Liberia Inc (MOP)

24/01/2019 11AM | More

Clive Curtis Clive Curtis

Ellys Manor House

17/01/2019 10AM | More

Dr Edward George Dr Edward George

In our two-hour special on Start-up Africa, Dr Edward George explores The Wakanda Moment, which he describes as 'the moment when you suddenly realise that Africans are using technology more advanced than your own'.

27/12/2018 10AM | More

Jay Kloppenberg with Nonhlanhla Masina Jay Kloppenberg with Nonhlanhla Masina

Co-Founder and CEO of The African School For Excellence

13/12/2018 11AM | More



Just to say I'm listening:) Sammy Engele

Sammy Engele | 04/01/2018

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