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Geoff Amex

Radio Therapy Show with Geoff Amex

On air: 10PM Tuesday 
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90% vinyl


43 years experience in various genres of music namely Soul, Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady, Treasure Isles, Jazz, Funk, Classic Pop with a collection consisting of 90% vinyl.


Yo Geoff i'm listening Big up king Moormarc

Moormarc | 01/05/2018

Wonderful show

Wonderful show so thankful to have you on the radio from Mel x melanie t

melanie t | 27/02/2018

Sexy voice

Hi Mr Amex I've just found your stn looking forward to hearing your sexy voice and the exciting mix of tunes Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Harris | 28/11/2017


Big up Geoff. My kind of music! Loving the tunes. From Michelle and fam. ☺ Michelle

Michelle | 29/08/2017

The Show

Great show, keep up the good works Geoff music is definitely Boom.Hotep Moormarc AKA Nu-Kemet Entertainment,Blackmarc Productions

Moormarc AKA Nu-Kemet Entertainment,Blackmarc Productions | 25/04/2017

Great tunes....!!!

Marcia Barton

Marcia Barton | 28/02/2017


Love the show love the music Blackmarc

Blackmarc | 14/02/2017


Loving the tunes .......................................... kevin moreno mcTear

kevin moreno mcTear | 31/01/2017

Rare and you

listening to you from Norman Manley Airport xxxx Alix Alexandra James

Alexandra James | 31/01/2017

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