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Hadestown Hadestown
Hadestown; much more than musical theatre…

28/11/2018 7PM | REVIEW | Jacqueline Malcolm

Hadestown; much more than musical theatre…

Anais Mitchell’s masterful writing is on full display in her well-developed musical, Hadestown; a provocative tale of love, life and tragedy. The story follows the journey of Orpheus (Reeve Carney) and his young love, Eurydice (Eva Noblezada) as they spend a wonderful summer filled with laughter and song. But, not too far from the story of Romeo and Juliet, their virgin love cannot survive the harsh realities of life and soon Eurydice is drawn down into Hadestown to join the souls of the lost as they slave in the chains of the industrious antagonist, Hades (Patrick Page). Orpheus, gallantly optimistic, sets on a journey to Hadestown to rescue Eurydice from the pits of darkness only for himself to become entangled in the same trap. But their powerful love and the song of his heart defies all evil and he is soon released with a simple command; he must not turn around to see if Eurydice follows, but must trust that their love is enough to guide them out. But tragically, at the very last moment, Orpheus gives in to his own fearful doubts and turning around sends Eurydice spiralling back down to the depths of Hadestown, bringing us all back to the very start of their story.

Hadestown is filled with a vibrant magical intensity from the very outset; the music, movement and voice of all characters committed to taking the audience on the journey with them, which is narrated throughout by the larger than life, Hermes (Andre De Shields) who gains the agreement of the audience by one simple exclamation of ‘I’.

The casting for this piece is delightfully diverse and exceptionally talented, but without a doubt the star of this piece is Anais Mitchell’s musical brilliance which is itself an enchanting melodic fusion of glorious sound.

I predict that acclaimed director, Rachel Chavkin’s interpretation of Anais Mitchell’s, Hadestown, is a timeless piece that will last in theatres around the world for years to come.


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