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Narrated Stories of Life, Love and the Human Condition


Slave: Escaping The Chains of Freedom

It’s 18th Century New York and the slave trade continues amidst an historical political upheaval.

Hezekiah Thomas, born the son of a white General and his black enslaved mother, suddenly finds himself a free man. But what is freedom without money? Through a concoction of chance and opportunities, Hezekiah is faced with the decision to go against all of his convictions and become an owner of slaves.

Jacqueline Malcolm’s masterful story telling not only addresses the ageless discussion of the motives behind the reported black slave owners of the period; we are also taken on a journey into our own hearts and desires – how far will we go to survive? How far will we go for a profit?

Listen to Slave, set against one of Chevalier de Saint-Georges compositions, narrated by Patrick McKenzie exclusively for Colourful Radio.

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