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The Africa Show

The Africa Show

On air: 4PM Saturday 
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African Travel. Food. Music


Lyande Kaikai (pictured left) is a Sierra Leonean born entrepreneur and the founder of My African Passport (MAP), a travel organisation that provides tips, organises trips and manages a website that helps travellers find local tour guides in Africa. Her passion for Africa has led her to become a leading expert in travel and tourism for the continent by working with tourism boards to promote their countries as amazing holiday destinations.

Yolisa Segone (pictured right) is an experienced TV Presenter and Voice Over Artist, whose passions include Travel, Africa & Food. She has been lucky enough to be able to combine her work with her passions. Yolisa is the creator of Yo Yum Tum; a presenter led online restaurant video guide and she is also in the process of creating a travel programme that will redefine the stereotypical 'Africa' narrative.

Recent Guests

Jessica Laditan Jessica Laditan

Jessica is the founder and CEO of Pop Up Africa.

19/05/2018 4PM | More

Nadu Placca Nadu Placca

Nadu uses her experiences as a mother, entrepreneur and businesswoman to motivate others. Through motivational talks, seminars and group discussions with the aim to inspire generations to achieve their goals through determination. 

05/05/2018 4PM | More

Funke E Adeniji
Funke E Adeniji

Founder of The Women Elite Sports Empowerment Initiative (WESIE)

21/04/2018 4PM | More

Yorm Ackuaku
Yorm Ackuaku

Yorm is the founder of esSense13, a platform that seeks to raise the profile of African food through online and offline interactive activities.

07/04/2018 4PM | More

Sanya J Sanya J

èsjé is a lifestyle brand created by Sierra Leonean born UK-based blogger, Sanya J. The shop specialises in handcrafted fashion, jewellery and accessories.

24/03/2018 4PM | More

Eyitemi Popo Eyitemi Popo

Founder of Ayiba Magazine, an award-winning online platform that chronicles Africa’s Renaissance.

10/03/2018 4PM | More

Adelaide Damoah Adelaide Damoah

Adelaide is a British artist of Ghanaian descent whose earlier work combined African and Western influences while highlighting social issues.

10/02/2018 4PM | More

Mick Élysée Mick Élysée

Mick is a passionate Congolese-French and African food chef. His love for the culinary art started when he was just a little boy.

30/12/2017 4PM | More

Nastassja Lusengo Nastassja Lusengo

Better known as Ms Sugar Plum: The Cake architect , Nastassja Lusengo is the engineer behind the concept bakery, The Indulgent Sugar Plum (TISP). Nastassja is currently featured on Extreme Cake Makers, Channel 4.

16/12/2017 4PM | More

Wale Ojo Wale Ojo

Wale started acting at an early age. He became a child star working mainly on drama series and television soaps.

02/12/2017 4PM | More

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