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The Africa Show

The Africa Show

On air: 4PM Saturday 
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African Travel. Food. Music


Lyande Kaikai (pictured left) is a Sierra Leonean born entrepreneur and the founder of My African Passport (MAP), a travel organisation that provides tips, organises trips and manages a website that helps travellers find local tour guides in Africa. Her passion for Africa has led her to become a leading expert in travel and tourism for the continent by working with tourism boards to promote their countries as amazing holiday destinations.

Yolisa Segone (pictured right) is an experienced TV Presenter and Voice Over Artist, whose passions include Travel, Africa & Food. She has been lucky enough to be able to combine her work with her passions. Yolisa is the creator of Yo Yum Tum; a presenter led online restaurant video guide and she is also in the process of creating a travel programme that will redefine the stereotypical 'Africa' narrative.

Recent Guests

Tola Onigbango Tola Onigbango

Co-founder of Women4Africa a platform created to celebrate the best of African women.

24/06/2017 4PM | More

Clement Ogbonnaya Clement Ogbonnaya

Clement is Nigerian entrepreneur based in London. He's recently opened a pub called Prince of Peckham.

10/06/2017 4PM | More

Kelechi Okafor Kelechi Okafor

Actress and Founder of Kelechnekoff Fitness Studio.

27/05/2017 4PM | More

Dr William Pettigrew  Dr William Pettigrew

His 2013 monograph history of the Royal African Company, Freedom's Debt won the Jamestown Prize.

13/05/2017 4PM | More

Dr Seray Wurie Dr Seray Wurie

Cultural Attache at Sierra Leone High Commission

29/04/2017 4PM | More

Rugie Wurie-Lamin Rugie Wurie-Lamin

In the past 6 years, Mrs Wedding Planner has grown from an ideal hobby to a full-service luxury wedding and event planning service.

01/04/2017 4PM | More

Vivian Ngwodo Vivian Ngwodo

Founder of Chopstreets, an exciting new app to help people discover great places and events where they can enjoy African and Caribbean food in the UK

18/03/2017 4PM | More

Elisee Akowendo - I Dey Shina Elisee Akowendo - I Dey Shina

Born Yves Elisee Samuel Akowendo in the Ivory Coast, the multi-talented Elisee was raised in a home steeped in song.

17/03/2017 4PM | More

Joy Joses Joy Joses

Founder of Melan Magazine

25/02/2017 4PM | More

Arnold Oceng Arnold Oceng

British Ugandan Born Actor

11/02/2017 4PM | More

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