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Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Life : Love, Health, Happiness with Sloan Sheridan-Williams

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Sloan is a celebrity life coach, relationship expert and wellness consultant who has helped countless people take their lives to the next level including not just actors and athletes but also the tens of thousands of readers of her bi-monthly luxury lifestyle magazine designed to open up a world of possibilities for anyone wanting to explore what life has to offer.

Sloan is delighted to be part of the COLOURFUL family bringing her experience and charisma to the airwaves. With her multi-disciplinary training and passion for life, Sloan although accomplished is warm, engaging and upbeat. Over the last 20 years she has enjoyed working across a wide range of fields from academia and medical to legal and political, to corporate and media. Although born and bred in London, Sloan’s diversity stretches from the exotic Middle East to the Welsh valleys via sunny Spain. Brought up on Motown and Soul, Sloan intends to share her love of music and witty banter with you through her show on the diverse and award-winning COLOURFUL Radio.

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At my Dinner Party

Hi Sloan Enjoying the show, just missed the question for your guest, but I think you were asking who you would invite to your Dinner Party, so many to choose from. Nelson Mandela Marilyn Monroe Neil Armstrong Peter

Peter | 29/09/2016

Credit Card

Morning Sloan loving your show. I get to listen sometimes at work when the boss is not around. Any way, I had paid off my credit card earlier this year and as you guest it an emergency came and I had to use it. With Christmas coming up I know I am going to use it again, but I will try not to because my goal is to have a zero balance by end October this year.. Mandy

Mandy | 22/09/2016


Romance is not dead - it can be many things to many people. thoughtful good morning messages have proved to be much more intimate than nights out. Also depending on you and your partner's love language ( If he feels that being with you, watching TV, away from the rest of the world is the way he wants to spend the rest of his life, i think that's very sweet. But at the same time, my boyfriend of 5 years better come better than that lol simone

simone | 15/09/2016

Isis Davis

I was listening in on the interview with Isis and just would like to say how amazing she was, I went to see the one woman show and was so inspired by this powerful person who has turned her life around while following her dreams. What a powerful interview and I hope many others will be inspired by her. I defo will be booking my ticket to see her in action and will be looking forward to seeing many more from Isis, good luck with your future Xx kelly Mcgrath

kelly Mcgrath | 11/08/2016

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