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Serah Lister

Life: Your Faith with Serah Lister

On air: 7AM Sunday 
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Your faith matters


‘Serah and her God’, a phrase used by those who know her well to describe her dependency on God; a part and parcel of who she is and what she does. Many years ago on her deathbed, while her family prepared her funeral the doctor on the other hand gave her 7 days but by faith Serah defied them all and lived to show faith at work!

Serah moved to United Kingdom as a missionary over 20 years ago and her life is short of miraculous. She is an award winning Radio Presenter (UN Los Angeles) and Best selling author. As an international speaker and host, Serah has had the privilege of travelling and sharing her faith in Albania, Holland, Slovenia, America, Canada, Nigeria, India, United Emirates, Egypt, Tanzania, Hong Kong, South Africa, Uganda, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Spain, Greece amongst others because she dared to believe God!

In the business world, Serah has worked as Senior Corporate Executive for over 15 years in London achieving great success in areas of business strategy, negotiation, strategic sourcing, business development and entrepreneurship.

Serah’s take on the bible and faith is sometimes radical, challenging the status quo and her views and approach sometimes uncomfortable. She takes the words in the book of Isaiah seriously and calls you ‘to come, let us reason together’.

Serah wishes to remind you why your faith matters through her personal experiences and those of her guests. If we light or rekindle a fire within you we shall have succeeded in our intention!

Leave your questions and comments for Serah.

Recent Guests

Rev Bazil Meade MBE
Rev Bazil Meade MBE

Born in Montserrat, Bazil Meade is the charismatic and multi-talented vocalist, pianist and leader of Europe’s premier vocal ensemble, the London Community Gospel Choir.

21/01/2018 7AM | More

Michael Dayo Omisore Michael Dayo Omisore

Michael is an associate pastor and the Publications Director at KingsWord Ministries International, a Christian organisation with churches in Africa, Europe and North America.

24/12/2017 7AM | More

Dr Jan Aderholt Dr Jan Aderholt

Dr Jan Aderholt is an International Speaker, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Executive Coach and Connector.

10/12/2017 7AM | More

Paul Garratt
Paul Garratt

Paul is a speaker, author and church pioneer. During his 15 years on staff at a thriving Baptist church in Reading, Paul and his wife pioneered a school of ministry and planted a vibrant church congregation.

03/12/2017 7AM | More

Gilles Acogny Gilles Acogny

Gilles is a Senior Executive with a proven track record in turning around company growth whether start-ups or multi-nationals.

26/11/2017 7AM | More

David Chambers
David Chambers

CfaN (Christ For All Nations)

26/10/2017 10AM | More

Marie Reid Marie Reid

Author, singer/songwriter and joint creator of the ‘My Truth’ card game - the conversational card game for couples.

26/10/2017 11AM | More

Dee Cunniffe Dee Cunniffe

Dee, a reformed alcoholic of 14 years reveals that she used to drink Vodka for BREAKFAST. Today she voluntarily runs retreats, workshops and sits on the board of a non-profit organisation called Came to Believe Recovery Inc.

19/10/2017 11AM | More

King Kevin Dorival King Kevin Dorival

Kevin is a writer, mentor, inspirational speaker, historian, show host of The King Kevin Show, author of The Courage To Believe, and internet marketing consultant.

05/10/2017 11AM | More

Jemma Regis Jemma Regis

Jemma is a successful entrepreneur, an award-winning author, a qualified chef with over 28 years’ experience, founder and Managing Director of Jemz Cake Box and the inspiration behind the GRG Annual Retreats.

28/09/2017 11AM | More


Dear Serah, Greetings come to you for a great day. I am back from vacation and l am tuned in. Blessings always Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 21/09/2017

Hi Serah, Greetings come to you for a great day. Im back from my vacation and l am tuned in. Marcia

| 07/09/2017

Happy birthday

Beloved and blessed birthday greetings to you, Serah...ENJOY and have fun Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 27/07/2017

I am listening.

| 08/06/2017


Hi Serah, Greetings! I am listening. Blessings Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 01/06/2017


insightful show. love this topic. what insight could you share to those who hear "a voice" directing them in a right path but they do not attribute the voice to God ? for example they may attribute the voice to the "universe or mother earth" Claudine

Claudine | 11/05/2017

Lola Gordon

Amen Speak the truth Afaron

Afaron | 27/04/2017


In enjoying the testimony of this young person Marcia Hart

Marcia Hart | 20/04/2017

Forgive him

Hi Serah, I would like to believe that I would be able to forgive him but not too sure what to say about this. I would probably feel very angry ar the moment of the incident but maybe time would be a healer..I think only God would be able to change my heart and help me love that man. Emi

Emi | 20/04/2017

Religion in China

Hi Serah, Nice to here China is mentioned in your programme. Indeed, little in known about the country especial the religious landscape there by the British. Just to share this with you: Focusing on religious oppression in China misses the big picture!QB.FPH3A Kevin Sui

Kevin Sui | 02/03/2017

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