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Smooth Soul plus RnB and Reggae

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Ricardo has been a familiar name on the London airways for the past 26 years playing a mixture of Soul, Reggae and R&B. After starting out in 1986 as a reggae DJ, his change to becoming a soul DJ was influenced by the classic house parties with legendary sound systems like Mastermind and Rapattack.

Ricardo went on to establish himself as a well known and popular radio presenter on a number of community radio stations, before enjoying three successful years at WNK radio, London’s first black commercial radio station. Following the demise of WNK, Ricardo has remained a popular figure in community radio as well as DJ’ing at many established events such as The First Friday Club and St Lucia Jazz festival.

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We spend a month in the wonderful area of Sandy Lane in Holetown Barbados and cant wait to go next January, given half a chance we would love to spend the rest of our days out there Thanks so much for reading out our requests Paul, Claire and Flo Paul
17/05/2015 by Paul
Happy birthday to my grandma

Hello Rich, It's my grandma's birthday in hkg , can u say hello .... lol... Love your voice . Olivia 😘 Olivia
17/05/2015 by Olivia

Can you say A BIG HELLO to Flo who is the best daughter you could wish for and that we both love her, we all listen to this fantastic radio show which reminds of us chillin in Barbados which is like a second home to all of us love from the romantics Paul and Claire in sunny Harpenden Paul
17/05/2015 by Paul

Can you say to Claire that she is doing well with her planting in the garden at Lyndhurst drive in Harpenden and the garden is looking as beautiful as she does and that I love her very much even though I dont say it as often as I should .......love you always Paul
17/05/2015 by Paul

happy ,happy. love mel and iyana x melanie watts
29/03/2015 by melanie watts
Stevie tribute

Lord of mercy..you were right..Beyonce!!!. That whole Stevie Wonder Tribute was fantastic Everton
22/02/2015 by Everton

Hey !! Ricardo Wonderful show xx I look forward to my mother day x Bless Mel and iyana
15/02/2015 by Melanie watts
The soul lounge

Absolutely loving the show, even more so with the big tracks from yester year your doing a great job! Much love Floriane
15/02/2015 by Floriane

Hello Ricardo Love ,love, love, love xxxxxx nice show Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love . Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak. Love is the sound of sweet soul music on a Sunday with you Ricardo Mel and iyana enjoy .
15/02/2015 by Melanie watts

Hello ricardo, wonderful show !!!! Please say happy birthday to iyana who was 10 on Wednesday the 4 of February .she was born the same day as rosa parks.bless love melanie x melanie wattsl
08/02/2015 by melanie wattsl