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Minnie Dipple

Infinite Series with Minnie Dipple

On air: 10PM Thursday 
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Broken beats. House. Future soul to jazz. Funk and folk and pretty much anything else that fuses it all together


Recent Guests

Ziggy Funk Ziggy Funk

Hailing from London multi-instrumentalist Ziggy has for many years been involved with music.

08/06/2017 10PM | More

K15/Emeson/Profusion K15/Emeson/Profusion

The sonic partnership of K15 and Emeson originated in the days of MySpace. A future of combining their skills was inevitable, and now in 2017, it's time to unleash their debut studio album into the ether.

25/05/2017 10PM | More

Kiko Navarro Kiko Navarro

You could define Kiko Navarro´s career in those two words. Navarro is a DJ and producer moved by his passion for sounds with groove and feeling, selecting the tunes perfect to lubricate a dance floor.

18/05/2017 10PM | More


ship ship ahoy

Hows it going Min? Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips | 19/10/2017


Just started to subscribe to your podcasts! Nice and fresh, thanks. d

d | 02/09/2017

I'm wide a wake and listen guys xx TonyB

TonyB | 13/07/2017

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