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Karina H Maynard

Karina H Maynard

On air: 10PM Thursday 
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Late night entertainment show featuring music and live studio interviews with entertainers, innovators and cultural leaders. Kick back as special guests join Karina for real talk interspersed with classic R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz & everything in between. In the final hour, catch Karina in the mix with her signature Afro, Latin & Soulful House DJ sets.


Broadcaster, Curator and DJ, Karina is the founder of Muntu Arts - an organisation that produces digital, talks and events specialising in representation and social impact in Creativity, Culture and Society.

Recent Guests

Andre Espeut Andre Espeut

Andre is a Performer, Songwriter and Arranger.

10/01/2019 10AM | More

Vanessa Fisher
Vanessa Fisher

Vanessa Fisher plays Red/Townsperson. Her theatre credits include Motown the Musical (Shaftesbury Theatre), An Officer and a Gentleman, Little Shop of Horrors and Hairspray (UK tour).

10/12/2018 11AM | More

Director - Steven Cable Jr, Actress Tessa Thompson and Actor Florian Munteaunu Director - Steven Cable Jr, Actress Tessa Thompson and Actor Florian Munteaunu

Creed II is the sequel to Creed (2015) and eighth instalment in the Rocky film series.

03/12/2018 11AM | More

Danielle Kassaraté and Oliver Kaderbhai Danielle Kassaraté and Oliver Kaderbhai

Narrator Danielle Kassaraté and Director Oliver Kaderbhai of Striking 12 - a new musical at the Union Theatre.

26/11/2018 11AM | More

Arnica Miakista Arnica Miakista

South African filmmaker Arnica Miakista discusses her upcoming documentary 'I, Coolie' about the history of indentured Indian women sent to Africa.

19/11/2018 12AM | More

David Lawrence spoke on the Ryanair racist incident
David Lawrence spoke on the Ryanair racist incident

Mr Lawrence recorded the Rayanir racist incident that took place on Barcelona to Stansted flight on his phone. His video went viral.

29/10/2018 10AM | More

Donna Banya and Stevie Basaula. Donna Banya and Stevie Basaula.

Actors Donna and Stevie from the Royal Shakespeare season at the Barbican

22/10/2018 11AM | More

Patrick Vernon OBE Patrick Vernon OBE

Patrick is a Fellow at Clore and Winston Churchill, Imperial War Museum and the Royal Historical Society.

08/10/2018 11AM | More

The Cast from Afrobeats musical Oliva Tweest The Cast from Afrobeats musical Oliva Tweest

The musical, created by Sky Academy Arts Scholarship recipient Yinka Ayinde (PureYinkz) and inspired by D'Banj's UK top 10 Afrobeats hit 'Oliver Twist'

24/09/2018 11AM | More

Makaziwe, Ogo, Hexa, Teo, Luke, Karta and Goss Makaziwe, Ogo, Hexa, Teo, Luke, Karta and Goss

Participants of the Dance With Digital course

03/09/2018 11AM | More


Excellent show. Thoughtful, provocative questions set within a historical and current context. David's responses, thoughts and advice about how we can take an active role in combatting racism was presented in an articulate and intelligent manner

Livia Horsham | 29/10/2018

Show to day

Karina very good content - It would be great to think that the people who don't have this knowledge is getting this info but guess if the situation don't affect them why should they care and have the understanding. And yeah the people who know and have knowledge about this subject should lobby (by any peaceful means necessary) rather than moan and rant. Maureen

Maureen | 08/10/2018

Your show

Really enjoying the show. It's so important to hold on to our full identity to include our name and culture Livia

Livia | 13/11/2017

Your show

Great show!! It is very interesting to find out more about culture in peoples names and how people are judged on their heritage and accent. Makaziwe and Livia

Makaziwe and Livia | 13/11/2017

podcast catch-up

Has been hugely enjoyable to listen recently to the podcasts of the last few shows. As always, top quality! :) d

d | 04/09/2016

weekly fix

Will listen both live and again to the podcast; the show is that nice, played twice!!! :) d

d | 28/02/2016

Your show is crazy!

Hello there, Just discovered your show tonight through facebook friends. Woah, your show is the bomb , so good , great mix of classics and less know tracks, full of energy.Proper House as it should be, amen to you ! Thanks! Christina Christina

Christina | 10/01/2016

live again!

Great ambush of Pete Mello's show last week! Happy Kwanzaa and New Year ahead. d

d | 10/01/2016


Great start this evening. Looking forward to tuning in live for once a change from the essential podcasts. d

d | 27/12/2015

anniversary 2

Thanks for the anniversary show, just finished listening to the podcast which is regularly downloaded every week to hear whilst driving! It has been a pleasure tuning in over these years. Sy who? ;) d

d | 16/12/2015

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