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I stumbled into radio when a friend commented on what he called 'my great voice' (and the fact that I can talk for Britain and beyond) he also thought that I was funny and would be great on air. I gave it a try, was liked, and found out that I had found my niche I LOVED IT; I got to talk to myself for hours without people thinking I was mad.

I have worked on stations such as LWR, Urban Fresh, Rhythm and Hcity Radio where I presented shows 5 or 6 days a week as a volunteer for over 6 years, why you ask did I tell you that I LOVED radio.

After excelling in 2 radio courses I landed a placement on Choice FM as a journalist which was just before I moved on to working with the Community Station hcity as the station manager as well as daytime presenter. I have interviewed singers Mario, B2K and Misteeq et al. Other interviews varied from actor Colin Salmon to politician Ian Duncan-Smith. And now LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I am with Colourful. Are you ready for the ride?

Since being on Colourful I have interviewed artist such as Stephen 'Ragga' Marley, MC Aggro, Mica Paris, Shaggy, Keisha White, De Indispensables, Ashley 'Asher D' Walters, Angel, Safronya, Plan B, Ruby Turner, Boulavard, Ann Nesby, E-Dro, Glideascope, Simon Webbe, Hydro, Shaila Prospere, Rudi Lickwood, Shredda, The Dualers, Nathan, Sisqo (Dru Hill), F.A.T, The Bamaz, The A'Jay Brothers, De-A-Co, and many many MANY more: the list is endless and there is STILL many more to come so don't miss out keep it logged. A big thank you to all who have passed through Colourful and to Suzy, Chelcie and Leon.

As well as being a long serving member of the Colourful Radio team and appearing in numerous roles within TV and film, Julie Ann is an award winning presenter, having won BEFFTA 'Radio Personality of the Year' 2012.


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Hi Julie Anne Locked on in rainy Hereford, and enjoying the tunes whilst I cook some chilli. Robin
03/02/2017 by Robin
Blessed afternoon

What a beautiful afternoon to be listening to JA on colourfull. Time for a cold one I think.....:-) Trevor
16/07/2016 by Trevor

Good afternoon JA nice to hear you live....it's been a while :-) Trevor
25/06/2016 by Trevor
Good afternoon

Hiya Colourful good afternoon to one an all :-) Trevor
14/05/2016 by Trevor
Yvette Rivers

Luving the show! - The mix has kept me going thru housework until now - chill time! Have a great weekend! Yvette Rivers
09/04/2016 by Yvette Rivers

Any So Solid?? Jason Augustine
09/04/2016 by Jason Augustine

Hey chick, please can you say hi to joel & Perrine They are trying to make soft boiled eggs and failing terribly...lol Enjoying the show as usual...love youuuuu!!! 😘❤️ Christine
02/04/2016 by Christine

Beautiful day to be listen colourful this afternoon. Trevor
02/04/2016 by Trevor

Hi Julie Ann Loving the tunes as always. Have you heard the track from DJ Colin Hudd 'No surprise' with Phylis Hyman? Will get you dancing around the studio. Robin
19/03/2016 by

Afternoon colourful.....Seasonal greeting s to one an all Trevor
19/12/2015 by Trevor