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Johnny Reckless

Cyber Soul Music with Johnny Reckless

On air: 7PM Monday 
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It all started in 1984, having collected records since the late 70s. John decided to bite the bullet and DJ’ed at his brothers birthday party. Having enjoyed the experience so much he got together with some friends and formed a sound system called Space. After meeting close friend Sammy Sam then a member of the Main Attraction Soul Sound. They shared musical knowledge and ideas which lead to the formation of the Off Beat Crew. With a wealth of DJs and MCs some serious party's took place in some really interesting venues. Including a regular fortnightly Sunday session called Back At Cha in Earls Court. DJs such as Seamus Hadji cut his teeth through the Off Beat Crew. Guests at the time included Norman Jay, Jeff John and Marcia Carr to name but a few. Just for the record Johnny was given his DJ name during his days with the Off Beat Crew.

As the years rolled on and the members of the sound went their seperate ways, Johnny decided to continue Dj’ing. With the House music boom in full swing in the early 90s Johnny started playing at various parties. Such as Omega at the Brain along side Maurice Watson RIP and Wig Wam at the Jazz Corner in Ladbroke Grove with Maurice, Sammy Sam and AJ all promoted by his buddy Cliffton. Things started to really get rolling once good friend Jeff John started Horny at Legends and he did the opening night. Straight after that the Satellite club opened at the Colosseum in Vauxhall were he got a regular spot thanks to Nikki, Kate and Seamus Hadji. Bookings from Garage City would soon follow and he still works for Bobby and Steve to this day. In 1995 he formed a club with Marcia Carr and Michael Morley called See The Light at a small bar in Vauxhall. Names such as Kerri Chandler, Phil Asher, Jazz n Groove, Jeremy Newall, Seamus Hadji, Dave Lee (Joey Negro), Gusto, Deli G, Ricky Morrison, Dino and Terry and more.

Oversea's gigs followed in Switzerland and Spain. A meeting with a promoter and good friend Ranx introduced Johnny to Hoxton long before it became the new West End getting him started at Transit at Plastic People, a regular spot at the notorious Hoxton Pimps parties and various underground sessions. Work for Soul Brew and then Body Music including a residency at Madame JoJo's the night was called Life and Soul. Plus his own promotions at the Embassy Bar and Plastic People and various one off's.

Johnny also did 2 radio stints, in the 80s on Switch FM (formerly FAZE 1) and Interface internet radio back in the late 90s.

Having bought records for the last 30 odd years, sold records for the last 25years and Dj’ed for the last 28 years you could say Johnny loves his music.

If you're looking for a Soulful Vibe whether it be Soul, Disco, Boogie, Fusion or Deep House Johnny's your man.

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