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Jabber Talk

Jabber Talk

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Letting the Chat out the Bag


Letting the Chat out the Bag! A radio show hosted by Jacqueline Malcolm where she interviews normal yet OH SO INSPIRING entrepreneurs who are making HUGE waves in their field! If they can do it... so can you!

Jabber Talk is created and produced by Jacqueline Malcolm, Karol Malcolm and Marva Gregorio De Souza. Executive Producer, Eva Christine Ingram.

Recent Guests

Anu Omideyi Anu Omideyi

Anu is an ex-Criminal Barrister who gave it all up to focus on her music/singing career. Founder of The Reapers Choir, as well as many other musical mediums, she is a singer/song writer who has been invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, 10 Downing Street and Kensington Palace, to name but a few.

20/08/2017 12PM | More

Charlotte and Cara-Jane Charlotte and Cara-Jane

C.elle are a UK duo with a contemporary sound, singers made up of sisters Cara-Jane and Charlotte. Gospel music was their first musical love . this shaped their voices giving them their powerful unique harmonic blend.

06/08/2017 12PM | More

Chris Lewis Chris Lewis

Award winning international blogger, speaker and leading cancer disruptor

26/03/2017 12PM | More

Ricky Dukes Ricky Dukes

Artistic director of Lazarus Theatre Company

26/02/2017 12PM | More

Sharlene Hector Sharlene Hector

Singer Songwriter

19/02/2017 12PM | More

Jonathan and David Stretton-Downes Jonathan and David Stretton-Downes

SIX TIMES OPEN is a campaign to raise 100k for the British Heart Foundation documenting a 6X open heart story with twins Jonathan & David Stretton-Downes

12/02/2017 12PM | More

O O'Neil Dennis

O'Neil Dennis is Chief Editor for aStepFWD and Founder of the UK Christian Chart.

05/02/2017 12PM | More


Interview with Caroline

Very interesting and enjoyable interview! Thanks Tuli

Tuli | 19/03/2017

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