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Jacqueline Malcolm

Life: Jabber Talk with Jacqueline Malcolm

On air: 10AM Tuesday 
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Letting the Chat out the Bag


With a career spanning some 30 years, Jacqueline Malcolm, Project & Event Strategist, is called upon by many leading national and international ministries and charities to help them fulfil their vision and company mandate. Over the years she has served the likes of noted evangelists, Dr. Billy Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), Reinhardt Bonnke & Daniel Kolenda (Christ for All Nations) and Dr. Morris Cerullo (Morris Cerullo World Evangelism). She was one of the leading consultants on Empowered21 (Oral Roberts University) as well working to establish such effective charities as Global Forum of Women Entrepreneurs (Apostle Ufuoma Ekpecham).

Jacqueline is also the Founder, Producer, Director and Writer of two hugely successful radio shows with Colourful Radio, namely ‘Barking Mad’ which is a modern day comi-drama and ‘Jabber Talk’, an interview based show where Jacqueline is also the presenter and host. When not presenting on radio, Jacqueline has just recently secured a regular panellist/host position on Love World TV which airs LIVE every Wednesday.

A published Author with New York based, Seaborn Publishing Group, ‘Slave: Escaping the Chains of Freedom’, and ‘The Trade: Only the Colour of Money Matters’ are presently available on Amazon and other US based outlets.

An Award Winning Playwright, having recently won the British Theatre Challenge 2016 with her play, ‘iDOLLatry’ and with a Masters in Theatrical Directing, her other writing credits include a number of plays which she produced and directed for the fringe theatres of London; the children’s book, ‘Adventures of Lucy the Lamb’ and many published articles written as part of her work as a columnist.

Recent Guests

Beth​ ​Collier
Beth​ ​Collier

Beth​ ​is a ​nature​ ​based​ ​psychotherapist,​ Trustee​ ​of​​​ National Park City Foundation and​ ​founder​ ​of​ ​innovative​ ​Community​ ​Interest​ ​Company,​ ​​Wild in the City ,​ ​sets​ ​out​ ​to explore​ ​that​ ​question​ ​with​ ​‘Nature​ ​Connectors’​ ​-​ ​a​ ​flagship​ ​programme​ ​funded​ ​by  London​ ​Borough​ ​of​ ​Croydon,​ ​aimed​ ​at​ ​finding​ ​and​ ​overcoming​ ​barriers​ ​to​ ​accessing  nature,​ ​promoting​ ​equality​ ​and​ ​leadership.

17/10/2017 10AM | More

Kehinde Salami
Kehinde Salami

Founder of Sicklekan charity whose mission is to give people with sickle cell a voice within the local and wider community.

10/10/2017 10AM | More

Lauren Evans
Lauren Evans

Singer/songwriter, Lauren is a 20-year Music Industry Veteran who has written hit singles for some of the most successful Artists in the Mainstream and in Contemporary Christian Music.

03/10/2017 11AM | More

Cathy Tyson Cathy Tyson

English stage, film and television actress. She won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1986 film Mona Lisa.

26/09/2017 11AM | More

The Listening Room The Listening Room

The Listening Room offers a powerful, evocative evening of entertainment that is captivating, compelling and raw

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Brenda Dacres Brenda Dacres

I am active within the Lewisham community, and have previously been a local primary school governor, and PTA Secretary for a Lewisham secondary school.

19/09/2017 11AM | More

Chris Lewis Chris Lewis

Award winning international blogger, speaker and leading cancer disruptor

13/09/2017 11AM | More

Anu Omideyi Anu Omideyi

Anu is an ex-Criminal Barrister who gave it all up to focus on her music/singing career. Founder of The Reapers Choir, as well as many other musical mediums, she is a singer/song writer who has been invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, 10 Downing Street and Kensington Palace, to name but a few.

20/08/2017 12PM | More

Charlotte and Cara-Jane Charlotte and Cara-Jane

C.elle are a UK duo with a contemporary sound, singers made up of sisters Cara-Jane and Charlotte. Gospel music was their first musical love . this shaped their voices giving them their powerful unique harmonic blend.

06/08/2017 12PM | More

Ricky Dukes Ricky Dukes

Artistic director of Lazarus Theatre Company

26/02/2017 12PM | More


Interview with Caroline

Very interesting and enjoyable interview! Thanks Tuli

Tuli | 19/03/2017

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