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The All Abroad Hot9 with Mark De'force

On air: 12PM Saturday 
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The ALL ABROAD HOT9 is the first of its kind being a buzz chart designed to count down the hottest sounds from Africans based abroad. Artists of African decent have long since been at the forefront of some of the biggest acheivements made, within the UK music industry. Acts such as Ghana and Nigeria’s Dizzee Rascal, Zambia’s Emeli Sande, and the current flag-bearers of Grime Ghana’s Stormzy and Nigeria’s Skepta are just a few examples reflecting the impact of African’s abroad! On The HOT9 chart u can expect to hear nine of the biggest tracks requested across radio and in club-land from artists who hail from Africa’s diaspora. The ALL ABROAD HOT9 focus on a combination of fresh new acts as well as familiar household names. This serves as a bridge between Africans on the continent with those in the diaspora. Showcasing the impact of Afrocentric artists on the music scene is the life-long mission statement of The ALL ABROAD HOT9! Your passport to Africa, Worldwide.


Mark De'force' began his broadcasting career at BBC Radio 4 in 2001 as a runner and researcher. When it became apparent that the BBC were planning to launch the corporation’s first ever, Black Music network he was determined to be part of history. In 2002 he was appointed as the first assistant music manager the BBC Radio 1Xtra.

In order to grow as an all-round broadcaster, Mark was encouraged to gain experience in radio production and thus became a broadcast assistant from 2003-2005.

From 2005-10 Mark acted up as producer on 1Xtra working on shows such as the Sony Awarding Ace & Vis, Robbo Ranx, Ras Kwame, Ronnie Herel and The 1Xtra breakfast show just to name a few.

Mark would also develop a keen interest in radio documentary producing and made two docs for 1Xtra and Radio 1; A Champion’s Playlist (exploring how professional athletes use music to prepair themselves for competition) and Same Culture Different Sound (documenting the relationship between Reggae-Dancehall and Hip Hop).

Mark left 1Xtra in 2014 to work as a freelance multimedia presenter / producer, UK radio plugger and professional voiceover artist. He is the presenter and producer of a syndicated radio chart show called the ALL ABROAD HOT9 (counting down the hottest music from Africans based abroad).

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