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Pat French
Experienced disc jockey who grew up with blues beat and Trojan music, running his own mobile disco, volunteering on Middlesex Hospital Radio, Radio Top Shop, YMCA Radio, before going pro as a DJ at Spectrum Radio, and reviewing records for the same publication as David Rodigan, Greg Edwards and Tony Blackburn.

A rose between two thorns!

Wilfred Clarke
Radio presenter, a freelance journalist and an award winning Master of Ceremonies. He has experience working on national and international radio stations, and is a trained journalist and writer for international news outlets.

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Well it's raining ☔️ in Kent/I will give you the Weather from Mauritius 🇲🇺 next week Guy
01/03/2017 by Guy

Can't think of 3 by my best one would be: Go to work for me when I am recovering in bed from a hang over Simon
22/02/2017 by Simon
my clone

John from walthamstow Get me beer from the Fridge? Nip to the shops for me cigs Walk the dog John
22/02/2017 by John
My 3 things to ask my clone to do:

Wash and style my hair, I love someone else looking after my hair but can't afford to go to the hair dressers. The Cooking, I'm a fab cook and so will my clone? The vacuuming. That should free up some time to fun fun fun!!! Janet from Salford, guest where that is?
22/02/2017 by Janet from Salford, guest where that is?
I've spent a fortune on dates

I've spent a fortune on dates, I'm going dutch on my next date and if she drives, she can take me home, walk me to the door to make sure I get home safe!!! Tom from Putney
15/02/2017 by Tom from Putney
No going dutch on the first date

Linda from Stratford, I'm on my way to work, say hello to all my work mates at Tesco in Liverpool street . Linda
15/02/2017 by Linda
I agree with Elia

I agree with Elia, there is no contract you have to stay the course with the date if it is not going well. So no paying back any money. You should go dutch on the first date.. Janet
15/02/2017 by Janet