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In the Company of Wendell Pierce In the Company of Wendell Pierce
What would it really take to expand the cultural diversity of the London-theatre audience?

26/09/2019 10AM | STORY | Jacqueline Malcolm

What would it really take to expand the cultural diversity of the London-theatre audience?

This is the question we were all seeking the answer to when we were invited to join the conversation in the company of legendary actor, Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Suits and Death of a Salesman on the London stage).

So, in anticipation of the West End production of Death of a Salesman, on Thursday 26th September 2019 , the producers met with key media personnel and theatre/arts practitioners from within the African-Caribbean community to enjoy a round-table discussion exploring the possibilities around developing the cultural diversity of the London-theatre audience and seeing if, by coming together as a collective, we can add some practical solutions.

Organised entirely by Jacqueline Malcolm, this was an insightful and successful event and no doubt helped Death of a Salesman to sell out its first West End ticket release within 24 hours.



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