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Sicklekan Sicklekan
The community interest, and registered, charity needs your support.

01/10/2017 7AM | STORY | Press

Sicklekan is a community interest, and registered, charity number 1174838.

Sicklekan's mission is to give people with sickle cell disease a voice within the local and wider community raising awareness from the perspective of sickle cell patients.

The Charity is founded and directed by Kehinde Salami who is himself a sickle cell patient. Sadly, his own daugter is also affected by sickle cell. Partnered with Iman D Fuller a young inspirational talented lady who has tragically lost a close friend to sickle cell related complications, the duo have made it their mission to help eradicate or at the very least ensure universal awareness of sickle cell and appropriate treatment of sufferers.

Sicklekan has partnered with the NHS, Kings College hospital and the Sickle Cell Society with their toy and blood drives consecutively.

With the hash tags #Breakthesilence #Speakup #Sicklekan we encourage you all to keep the sickle cell conversation flowing.

Colourful Radio has chosen to support Sicklekan for 2017-2018. Throughout October 2017, Sicklekan action messages can be heard across the Colourful Radio network. Sicklekan's founder will also be getting close and personal on Colourful Life with Jacqueline Malcolm about the organisation and the devastating effect of Sickle Cell. 

Sicklekan needs your support. Please kindly donate at GoFundMe ( or via Paypal (



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