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New listener tonight

Hey I'm new to this. Absolutely loving all these tubes. Any chance of sherrick Call me please for a newbie? Love the Memories. Tracey x 08/01/2018 08/01/2018

Smooth C Con- Fusion

Enjoying the vibes from the show! Jennifer06/01/2018Jennifer 06/01/2018 Jennifer

Today's show

I loved today's show - it's motivated me to stick to the goals I've had for the past three years! Charlotte Atkinson04/01/2018Charlotte Atkinson 04/01/2018 Charlotte Atkinson


Just to say I'm listening:) Sammy Engele 04/01/2018Sammy Engele 04/01/2018 Sammy Engele


It's just getting better and better. D :) 13/12/2017Donna 13/12/2017 Donna

Realmist Creations

Listening to the show and very inspired by your Realmist Creations story. Could you ask them how they got their product into the showrooms? What was their process? Dionne13/12/2017Dionne 13/12/2017 Dionne

keeping me warm

GM I hope you're keeping warm....youre keeping us warm as we listen. Its was very cold last evening at the African market stalls, however wishing all the traders a very successful trading day. Cant listen at the moment but will catch up using app merry xmas Angel Ang James09/12/2017Ang James 09/12/2017 Ang James


Now that's a classic Chez05/12/2017Chez 05/12/2017 Chez

Thank you

Thanks steve for playing tracks - I have a playlist here and will send to you soon. Really would like to do a praise party one of these days and spin some tunes!! xx Pauline02/12/2017Pauline 02/12/2017 Pauline


I listen to you on the webradio from france and even if i m not stuck into the uk traffic jam i love your show !! I hope in france we ll soon have radio like yours cheers guys !! Mike01/12/2017Mike 01/12/2017 Mike

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Oprah Winfrey's Seminal Speech At The 2018 Golden Globes Award

Oprah pays tribute to civil rights figures Recy Taylor and Rosa Parks, applauds the #MeToo campaign, calls time on Hollywood men and shared her vision with young girls of “a new day ... on the horizon".

08/01/2018 7AM | STORY | More
Second series of Meet The Critics with Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe

The format will return for a 10 week run on Friday 16th February at the new time of 7pm

05/01/2018 9AM | STORY | More
Exhibit at the London Jobs Fair – East

The London Jobs Fairs have been successfully providing 1000’s of opportunities for jobseekers and exhibitors for 6 consecutive years

12/12/2017 9AM | STORY | More
The African Christmas Market 2017

The African Christmas Market, brought to you by the Africa Centre in partnership with Colourful Radio.

08/12/2017 4PM | STORY | More
Mijal Lasus

Manager of Chimichurris South American Grill

08/12/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Andre Royo

Royo is the lead in a BUFF Awarded film 'Calloused Hands' written by Jesse Quinones that will receive its official release on Video On Demand on 23rd Nov 2017

20/11/2017 8AM | STORY | More
From Army Medic in Afghanistan to front line NHS

Having spent six years in the Army, Kofi Quartey wondered what a life in civvie street could possibly have in store for him when he left the Armed Forces in 2014

25/10/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Zainab Garba-Sani is on a mission to find potential Lifesavers

The DKMS ambassador is encouraging people in her home town to register as a potential blood stem cell donor and go on standby to save the life of someone with blood cancer

25/10/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Armed Forces committed to making sure they better represent the society they serve

So says Sir Michael Fallon, The Secretary of State for Defence

16/10/2017 8AM | STORY | More
PHE urges African and Caribbean parents to vaccinate their children against flu this winter

Over three million children are being offered the free flu vaccination this winter

13/10/2017 9AM | STORY | More
Evadne Gordon - 40 years of service as a Royal Navy Reserve

Chief Petty Officer Evadne Gordon was both the first person from her family to be born in the UK, after her parents moved from Jamaica in the 1950s, and the first to join the Armed Forces

02/10/2017 10AM | STORY | More

The community interest, and registered, charity needs your support.

01/10/2017 7AM | STORY | More
BUFF 2017 Script Readings

The three scripts included 'Draw' written by Isis Davis, 'Joe Pair' written by Adriel Leff and ‘Sara White and the Seven Socialites’ written by Sinitta Monero

07/09/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Glittering since 2011 - This is Africa Fashion Week London

Arguably the leading light that brings together fashion, arts, craft and businesses that the continent of Africa has got to offer

18/08/2017 8AM | STORY | More
London entrepreneurs bringing back the magic of gaming together in the real world

Nigel Twumasi and Lao Karunwi of Mayamada are on a mission to recapture the excitement gamers feel playing friends in the same room

14/08/2017 8AM | STORY | More
Dr Phillip Abiola says Be Clear on Cancer

The Macmillan GP and the clinical cancer lead talks candidly about lung cancer, heart disease and lung disease

26/07/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Barking Mad Show LIVE

Broadcast of radio comedy drama 'Barking Mad' in front of a live studio audience

23/07/2017 12PM | STORY | More
Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon Meets President Akufo-Addo of Ghana

The Foreign Office Minister for the Commonwealth and the United Nations traveled to Ghana for the first time in his new role to reaffirm the importance of Ghanaian-UK relations

20/07/2017 9AM | STORY | More
Jamaica 55 Song 4 Jamaica 2017

Congratulations to Zeena Banks who has been crowned winner of the Jamaica 55 Song 4 Jamaica 2017

11/07/2017 9AM | STORY | More
Be Clear on Cancer

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a national ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ awareness campaign which prompts people with symptoms of some of the leading causes of death in England to see their doctor.

07/07/2017 11AM | STORY | More
St James's Market is Calling

Towering its image as a commercial hub for fashion, retail, restaurants and other businesses, St James’s has re-opened its market

07/07/2017 8AM | STORY | More
BUFF 2017 Media Day

BUFF 2017 Media Day at BT Tower

29/06/2017 10AM | STORY | More
First UK memorial to African and Caribbean veterans unveiled

The event included the Mayor of London, Baroness Ros Howells (patron of the African and Caribbean Memorial), chiefs of defence staff from Caribbean and African countries, Commonwealth High Commissioners, ambassadors, MPs and peers.

22/06/2017 2PM | STORY | More
I Have A Song - Africa and Caribbean Memorial

The Single "I have a Song" was created to raise funds for a lasting Memorial to be placed in London on June 22nd, 2017

22/06/2017 2PM | STORY | More
Urgent need for more Black donors to give blood for Sickle Cell patients

Only 1% of people who give blood in England are black!

21/06/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Grenfell Tower Block Fire - Please Sign Petition

An emergency petition, signed by thousands of us and delivered to the government will prove the public won’t accept any more excuses.

16/06/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Brixton Means Business

On Friday 26th of May 2017, Brixton Village became the centre of attraction and attention as its business district opens its arms and doors in welcoming local retailers, stall-holders, traders, and other business counterparts

31/05/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Brixton Means Business

On Friday 26th of May 2017, Brixton Village became the centre of attraction and attention as its business district opens its arms and doors in welcoming local retailers, stall-holders, traders, and other business counterparts

31/05/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Rhesa Is Flaunting Her Cat-walking To Stardom

Rhesa Owusu seems to be ready come what may, considering her bravado,resilience and hard working ethics which has seen her breaking through some of the modelling norms already

30/05/2017 8AM | STORY | More
Colourful and Pop Up Africa

An inspired collab that saw crowds gather for music, food, shopping, fun

29/05/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Colourful Family

The Colourful Family got together to catch up on a few things at the Africa Centre

27/05/2017 3PM | STORY | More
No Place To Call Home by JJ Bola

With colourful characters and luminous prose, No Place To Call Home is a tale of belonging, identity and immigration, of hope and hopelessness, of loss –not by death, but by distance– and, by no means the least, of love.

25/05/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Kwaw Kese In London

One of the best gems and exports of the Ghana entertainment industry, displaying his singing prowess right in front of his numerous UK patrons

20/05/2017 10PM | STORY | More
CC-HUB Nigeria Launches Its Diaspora Challenge To The World From London

The Diaspora Challenge sees Africa as one of the largest and progressive diaspora communities in the UK hence its launch in London

12/05/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Diaspora Homecoming Summit 2017 At Ghana High Commission, London

The Ghana High Commission has heralded the launch of an economic magnate for the diaspora community in the name of Diaspora Homecoming Summit

05/05/2017 6PM | STORY | More
Nigerian community urged to ‘Spot the Signs’ of Domestic Slavery

A new pilot campaign has launched to help tackle modern slavery within the Nigerian community in the UK. It focuses on helping those trapped in domestic slavery (also known as illegal househelp), where victims are often kept against their will, mistreated and forced to work long hours with no pay.

25/04/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Zoe is Really And Trully Kitchening It

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen played host to its maiden cook book launch recently to a thunderous and welcoming party from Zoe and her management to their numerous attending patrons

24/04/2017 12AM | STORY | More
Highlights - LIVE from Employ Wandsworth 2017

Listen to highlights of Colourful Radio's 5-hour live broadcast from the second annual Employ Wandsworth 2017, the Wandsworth jobs fair

21/04/2017 10AM | STORY | More
The Dolor Factor on Colourful Radio is 1 Year Old

Put your party hats on because today The Dolor Factor is one years old. Inspirational stories from amazing contributors excelling in fields from charity to cricket and writing to cooking have been part our lives for 12 months now.

20/04/2017 9AM | STORY | More
Esther Afua Ocloo

As both an entrepreneur and an advocate for microlending, “Auntie Ocloo” worked tirelessly to help others like her succeed.

18/04/2017 8AM | STORY | More
Atumpan Questions Ghana In A Timeless Monologue On Colourful Radio

Taking his time to look at how far Ghana has come culturally, traditionally, politically, socially and economically, he seems not to be in agreement with how things have panned out.

18/04/2017 7AM | STORY | More
Play Your Cards Right

Mums and mompreneurs your help is needed with a survey on facebook about money literacy 121 tuition for your child.

18/04/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Wakanow launches in the UK market

Africa’s fastest-growing online travel agent, Wakanow, launches in the UK market

06/04/2017 11AM | STORY | More
Education Africa - Annual International Arts and Culture Tour

When 10 gifted young girls aged 10-13 from the Alexandra township in Johannesburg visited Colourful Radio

31/03/2017 10AM | STORY | More
Major Step Forward In Building A Global Britain As Public Has Its Say On Airport Expansion

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has taken a major step forward in preparing Britain for leaving the EU by publishing proposals for a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

08/02/2017 7AM | STORY | More
RIP Lionel Morrison OBE

Former president of the National Union of Journalists, first black journalist to hold that office. An inspirational black journalist who helped pave the way for others of colour.

02/11/2016 8AM | STORY | More
MOBO partners with NHS Blood and Transplant to launch celebrity-fronted campaign to recruit a new generation of blood donors

Lady Leshurr leads star line-up including Nicola Adams and Ade Adepitan to front ‘#Represent’ – the first campaign of its kind calling on the Black and Asian community to give blood

31/10/2016 10AM | STORY | More
Were you at Surrey pool party in Headley on Sunday 24 July?

Ricardo Hunter, aka 40, was murdered after a shot was fired at the exclusive party in the Surrey hills.

27/08/2016 10AM | STORY | More
Steve McQueen to receive BFI Fellowship

Steve McQueen, the visionary Turner Prize-winning video artist and Oscar®-winning producer, director and screenwriter will receive its highest accolade, the BFI Fellowship

24/08/2016 10AM | STORY | More
Help Savannah raise money

Kandy Dolor is raising money for her daughter Savannah who has Global Delayed Development, Marcus Jawwink Syndrome, and a learning disability.

11/08/2016 9AM | STORY | More


The London Jobs Fair is going EAST in 2018 The London Jobs Fair is going EAST in 2018

Popular annual London Jobs Fair - South are expanding across to North, East and West London

27/02/2018 10AM | EVENT | More
Stephanie Urdang Stephanie Urdang

Stephanie J. Urdang was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She is the author of two books on Africa, including And Still They Dance: Women, War, and the Struggle for Change in Mozambique.

22/01/2018 11AM | GUEST | More
Rev Bazil Meade MBE Rev Bazil Meade MBE

Born in Montserrat, Bazil Meade is the charismatic and multi-talented vocalist, pianist and leader of Europe’s premier vocal ensemble, the London Community Gospel Choir.

21/01/2018 7AM | GUEST | More
Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka

Founder and Managing Director, MeFiriGhana and Future Of Ghana

18/01/2018 11AM | GUEST | More
Professor Aneez Esmail Professor Aneez Esmail

To celebrate Nobel Laureate Festival, Professor Esmail shares his respect for Sir Arthur Lewis Britain’s first black professor who's work lead to the Nobel Prize in 1979 at Manchester University where he also founded the school of Economics.

18/01/2018 9AM | GUEST | More
Carine Kazadi Carine Kazadi

Events and Marketing Manager at The Africa Centre

17/01/2018 9AM | GUEST | More
Winston Phillips Winston Phillips

Epidote Business Centre

17/01/2018 9AM | GUEST | More
Paige Fashoni Paige Fashoni

Founder of FLUX period-proof underwear.

16/01/2018 10AM | GUEST | More
Dr Pearl Kupe Dr Pearl Kupe

Attorney, Social Dialogue Expert, International Business Coach & Business Reengineering expert , Labour Law Specialist & Author

16/01/2018 11AM | GUEST | More
Irene Moore Irene Moore

Irene Moore is an entrepreneur and online business coach.

15/01/2018 11AM | GUEST | More
Lono Brazil Lono Brazil

Lono is better known in the music industry in Hip-Hop & R&B circles as an Executive Producer/Artist Manager/Consultant launching the careers or working with artist such as The Beastie Boys, Foxy Brown, Faith Evans to name a few.

15/01/2018 7PM | GUEST | More
Colourful Radio to Broadcast Bright Star Awards LIVE Colourful Radio to Broadcast Bright Star Awards LIVE

Bright Star Awards recognises and celebrates the best of UK and international Soul and Reggae music and entertainment

12/01/2018 11AM | PRESS | More
Oprah Winfrey's Seminal Speech At The 2018 Golden Globes Award

Oprah pays tribute to civil rights figures Recy Taylor and Rosa Parks, applauds the #MeToo campaign, calls time on Hollywood men and shared her vision with young girls of “a new day ... on the horizon".

08/01/2018 7AM | STORY | More
Second series of Meet The Critics with Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe Second series of Meet The Critics with Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe

The format will return for a 10 week run on Friday 16th February at the new time of 7pm

05/01/2018 9AM | STORY | More
Do The Work Do The Work

This week’s theme relates to one of the most important messages Iyanla Vanzant delivered on The Dolor Factor last year. “Do The Work!”

04/01/2018 9AM | GUEST | More
Natalie Cole Natalie Cole

Audio biography of the life of the beautiful and talented Natalie Cole who rose to fame in the 70s in her late legendary father's footsteps

02/01/2018 9AM | THE GREATS | More
Nina Simone Nina Simone

Audio biography of the skilful musical storyteller, who used her unique talent to create a legacy of empowerment, passion, liberation and love through a magnificent colourful body of works

01/01/2018 9AM | THE GREATS | More
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Catch-up shows available normally within 30 minutes of end of show and 30 days to catch-up!

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