CC-HUB Nigeria Launches Its Diaspora Challenge To The World From London

CC-HUB Nigeria Launches Its Diaspora Challenge To The World From London

Streaming live their Creative Community Hub from Facebook London's Office on Saturday 6th May 2017, Bosun Tijani and his co-partner Femi Longe, brought their organization to the attention of some of the world's creative and intellectual minds.

The Diaspora Challenge sees Africa as one of the largest and progressive diaspora communities in the UK hence its launch in London.

Speaking candidly through his keynote address, Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, gave a plausible speech to open the event. The event was split into two halves of panel discussions.

Forming the first panel in discussing some of the issues and concerns about the topic 'Re-imaging Africa' were, Boko Inyundo, Rachel Jenkins and Cobhams Asuquo who all did well with their explanations.

'Building The Future' as the theme of the second discussions, had Alae Ismail, Iyin Aboyeji and Ike Anya as panel members who gave different and various accounts of themselves given their fields of endeavour and experiences in Africa.

Therefore engaging various disciplines of creative intellects among their discussions was cerebral and critical to Africa's development as a continent.

Revealing the reasons why Africa and its Diaspora should be involved with the CC-HUB, Mr Tijani said: “We have reached a point where we think it is about time we begin to mobilize and excite Africans in the diaspora to consider building strong solutions to social problems of the continent.”

Enumerating some of the issues facing the continent and calling on African intellectuals across the diaspora, he said: “Social problems are things we do not like talking about. But to be honest, there are opportunities covered across Africa.

“And we think we have great, talented and professional African people in the diaspora who can apply their skills in helping to solve some of these problems.”

And as to how the challenges and changes are to be effected in Africa, Mr Tijani emphasised that “Africa cannot continue to be where it is at the moment. And therefore, the narratives need to change.”

Stressing further on the direction of the narratives he said: “The narratives need to change from remittances of sending money to Africa to returning and having a go at the various opportunities that also abound in Africa.”

Summarizing the purpose of the event in three words, he concluded by saying it is about “Reversing, brain drain.”

Talking to one of the event’s participants Mr Yomi Folami the Chief Information Officer of Pardel, a parcel delivery company.

It is a parcel delivery company which is mostly a technology company based in Nigeria and operating within the parcel or logistics space within the African market.

 In his quest to find and connect his company to the event he said: “What we are currently looking at, is finding an intelligent and efficient way to resolve the lax situation within the parcel delivery space.

“So what we are looking at is a solution that allows us to bring parcel senders or people that wants to send parcel with other people looking for an opportunity to be employed.”

“So basically freelance people moving in a particular direction to which the parcel needs to move by hopping in to deliver the parcel on behalf of the sender.”

This service is practically being piloted in Nigeria at the moment, but not without its own challenges as he said: “The situation we face is that, there are a number of challenges in the Lagos market like traffic, navigation and also understanding where exactly someone is situated.”

The CC-HUB is an open innovation challenge with the intentions to engage entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists from the diaspora communities across the UK to source scalable business solutions to social challenges in Africa.

In looking at Africa within the Africa and Diaspora periscopes, the CC-HUB is re-writing the narratives about Africa by reversing the proverbial brain-drain for the good of Africa.

Their initiative is backed by the availability of various talents which are ready to be tapped and activated into the next level of actions in connection to the needed support for people with creative, intellectual and possible ideas and plans.

Taking their time to ignite the event into a musical masterpiece, both Bumi Thomas and Cobhams Asuquo proved themselves as creative musicians. 

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 By Wilfred Clarke


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