Hashtag Lightie Hashtag Lightie
Relevant, modern and socially conscious play.

14/11/2017 8PM | REVIEW | Jacqueline Malcolm

Ella, (principle lead, portrayed beautifully by the very talented Adele James) is a youthful, naive girl who perfectly represents the real world millennial generation and their somewhat consuming fascination with self-image. As we follow her journey of self-discovery through her popular online YouTube channel, we are immediately introduced to a world of characters that all play clear and definitive parts in joining the dots to create one perfectly honed story.

The use of modern technology and ‘only as needed’ set and props kept us focused on the dialogue, which was quite simply superb (thank you, Lynette Linton). It is clear, unashamedly direct and socially poignant allowing the audience to engage, learn, consider and reflect in the midst of being highly entertained rather than ‘educated’ (thank you, Rikki Beadle-Blair).

Audience involvement and physical engagement was rife without being intrusive whilst the intimacy of the setting allowed for a wonderful creative space where the cast were able to play, improvise and deliver a play that grabs you from the very start and holds you until the closing bow and even into the nightly Question & Answer session with cast and crew.

If you’re looking for a more relevant, modern and socially conscious play then you couldn’t ask for more than in Lynette Linton’s play, #Hashtag Lightie. Expertly lead by visionary Director, Rikki Beadle-Blair, this very versatile ensemble offered characters that were open and honest in order to give voice to racial issues that were hard hitting and direct.


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