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The Fall The Fall

A Brilliant Use Of Storytelling To Address The Subject Of A Dying Generation That Is Too Often Avoided.

Dated 11/05/2018 7PM | More
Circus Abyssinia Ethiopian Dreams Circus Abyssinia Ethiopian Dreams

A celebration of childhood with a plethora of bumbling hilarious clowns, mesmerising contortionists and masterful jugglers.

Dated 03/05/2018 11AM | More
Cinderella Cinderella

A Dazzling Glitzy Extravaganza to get even the Grinch into the Christmas Spirit

Dated 10/12/2017 1PM | More
Hashtag Lightie Hashtag Lightie

Relevant, modern and socially conscious play.

Dated 14/11/2017 8PM | More
Victory Condition Victory Condition

Victory Condition is unconventional, thought provoking with some great dialogue as long as you are able to keep your focus and are willing to accept that the beauty of the play is the total disconnection between the action and dialogue.

Dated 05/10/2017 7PM | More
Beowulf Beowulf

Beowulf is a hugely gripping play with a cast of one.

Dated 01/10/2017 7PM | More

B is a clever and thoughtful piece of work, driven by penetrating monologues, that left me reflecting on the characters and the choices they had made long after I left the building.

Dated 28/09/2017 7PM | More
The Listening Room The Listening Room

The Listening Room offers a powerful, evocative evening of entertainment that is captivating, compelling and raw

Dated 19/09/2017 7PM | More