The all-new ‘Colourful App’ is live across the Apple AppStore (IOS) and Google Play (Android). Yes, it also works on the iPad and other tablets.

And it is full of stuff – the Colourful Player, Volume Controls, Alarm Clock to wake you up to Colourful, the Presenter Schedule, link to ColourfulRadio.Com, Facebook, Twitter and ‘Email Me’ so you can reach the on-air presenter in a click or two.

If you do not use either of IOS or Android operating systems, you can still listen live. Using your phone browser, go to and just click play!

Already have the old Colourful App?
If you already have the old app, you should receive a message asking you to update.

Don’t yet have the Colourful App?
If you don’t yet have the App please follow these directions:

1. Search ‘Colourful’ in either Appstore or Google Play or using your phone go to our homepage at and click on the respective button for your phone. It will automatically initiate the install process.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install. Do not worry if it shows you the old app, it will auto-install the new one!

3. A minute or so later you can take the station anywhere anytime uninterrupted.

1. As far as listening to Colourful is concerned, never download any other App apart from the Colourful App. Why? We have control over our own App and can improve things within minutes. We do NOT have control over other radio player Apps – they simply use our feed - however when they have a problem, it might appear to be an issue with the Colourful feed, when it is not!

2. Depending on your bandwidth, wireless capacity etc there may sometimes be issues of the stream cutting out etc. This doesn’t mean it is a problem on our side! Often it is the phone operator or the dreaded 3G service.

Hope you like and enjoy the new Colourful App. Shout it out every opportunity.