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Ty-Juan Ty-Juan
Singer and Song writer Ty Juan won the award for “Most Promising Male Singer”. Reaching one of the goals set forth, Ty Juan released a few Mixtapes “ Autotune Lovechild” and “Lovechild 2” which captured the ears of fans all over the world

13/10/2019 3PM | GUEST | Ricardo

Have you ever had the thirst for new music but everything you heard all sounded the same? Well look no further. This gentlemen coming out of New Jersey is sure to give you what you have been waiting for. Ty Juan began singing at age 5. His family quickly took notice to his talent and love for music and began letting him participate in school plays and also sing in the youth choir at church. Influenced by some of the greats like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, New Edition, all the way up to artists such as, Boyz II Men, Silk, Shai, R Kelly, and Dave Hollister. Ty Juan had taken his musical elements to another level. Ty Juan started a group called Something Smooth in 1997. The group was a local success in Amarillo, Texas where they got to perform with some of the industries top artist at the time such as Xscape, H-Town, 69 Boyz, Ideal, Zapp and the immortal Roger Troutman, just to name a few. The group signed with an independent label where they put out their first and only album. The group split up but that did not stop Ty Juan from reaching for his dream. Searching to find the perfect group, in 2000 Ty Juan formed another group called Interlude in Montgomery Alabama. Interlude was again a very big local success. Not satisfied, Ty Juan took Interlude all the way to California where they met Mr. Ken James of MCA/Universal Records. Mr James was blown away by the writing ability of Ty Juan and agreed to sign Interlude to a contract . Interlude began preparing for their debut cd. Interlude was opening up for acts such as Dave Hollister, Kelly Price,Jagged Edge, Ludacris, 504 Boyz, and Kandi Burress from the group Xscape. Working with new and up coming producers such as Barry Brinson, Adrian "Trey " Williams Reggie "Reggie Reg" Howell, and Noah. Interlude was a force to be reckoned with. A group with a name and buzz established but, Interlude was fighting a management battle which ended in everyone going their own seperate ways including Mr James. Interlude was devistated by the tragedy. Ty Juan wanted to give up on music and began to break from everything. Ty Juan began to work dead end jobs and one day he began to sing at work and realized that music was missing in his life. Ty Juan began writing again and began learning how to produce his own music. Ty Juan called on a few friends and began his journey towards being a solo artist. He worked on some songs with Reggie Howell and began to record in Birmingham, Alabama.
Ty Juan was still feeling like something was missing and decided to call his former Interlude partners. Interlude was again in effect preparing to make another run at the industry. Though the chemistry between the guys was not the same they tried to put it down like they used to. Ty Juan began to realize that the love the guys once had for music was no longer there and again decided to take his chance at becoming a solo artist. Ty Juan began working on music and writing songs and finally realized he was ready. Realizing now that he would have to leave the south, Ty Juan moved to Newark ,New Jersey one step closer to New York . It was a slow process but the journey had finally begun. Making his last go around at the industry, Ty Juan put together some of his best work and began to work with a new array of producers such as Star, The Beat Shop, Reggie Howell, Sekuleo Gathers and himself. Ty Juan was more focused and more determined than ever before. Ty Juan began to perform on the New York circuit catching the eyes and ears of Jesse Jess and Mr. Raw of Urban Threshold. Noticing the talents and abilities, Ty Juan was nominated for an Underground Music Award. Ty Juan won the award for “Most Promising Male Singer”. Reaching one of the goals set forth, Ty Juan released a few Mixtapes “ Autotune Lovechild” and “Lovechild 2” which captured the ears of fans all over the world. Ty Juan is finally ready to make his mark on the world. Presently in 2014 Ty Juan is signed to Illustra Records and managed by DND Consultants and Multimedia Group. “No Regrets” is slated for March 2014 Release on Illustra Records. Ty Juan is also writing and producing on the upcoming Public Announcement project as well as Fel Davis and a few others. Be on the lookout for the new and improved smooth vocalist Ty Ju



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