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Daniel Palmer and Shelene Byer Daniel Palmer and Shelene Byer
From The WellBeing Weekender. The event theme will be centred on personal and community well-being in regard to the mind, body and spirit.

01/11/2019 12PM | GUEST | Gracie

Shelene - Project coordinator
Shelene’s strongest experience is in accountancy as this is where the bulk of her career has been, and qualified with ACCA in 2012. However she has always had a concealed creative flair which she allowed herself to explore in 2018 when she successfully launched her own cocktail brand Tropics cocktails, upcycled two pieces of furniture and then collaborated with Nicholas Okwulu of Pempeople to produce On Peckham Square. This event provided a platform to local rising talented artists such as Elheist, Just Kemi and Fred Lessore to perform live and for local businesses to sell their products on Peckham Square. This sparked her desire to want to continue to do something like this in the future and she realised the benefit to the community.

Daniel’s forte is Graphic Design, videography and photography. He formed his business Design & Print Solutions (DAPS) in 1999 and is a listed member of the Creative Southwark network. Since then he has also managed and promoted his own events in the Peckham area which included, a Film, Poetry & Live Showcase, two African Arts & Crafts Markets at Peckham Square and Choumert Rd car park and a monthly arts and crafts market and showcase that used to take place at Pennack Hall, SE15

The WellBeing Weekender

The WellBeing Weekender 9th and 10th November 2019

Venue: The Palms, UNIT 1-14 Bournemouth Close, Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4PB

W.E.L.L. is an acronym for Wholistically Enriching Local Lives.
Saturday 9th November 12:00 pm till 18:00 pm
And Sunday 10th November 12:00 pm till 17:00pm

Over the 2 days we will provide an interactive platform that will feature a variety of talks and activities that cover topics such as mental and financial well-being; alternative diets and exercise; along with holistic therapies that include music, dance and art therapy.

The weekends’ schedule will include a variety of activities including complimentary taster massage therapy sessions; martial arts demonstrations (involving students of all age ranges ) such as Gong-fu for children and Capoiera; interactive workshops; therapeutic art sessions, and MUCH MUCH MORE!….ALL FOR FREE!

Our event theme will be centred on personal and community well-being in regard to the mind, body and spirit. Alongside the event, to encourage foot flow to local businesses that are aligned to our theme, we’ll also be running an interactive high street competition. The objective of our event is to bring awareness to the local community about how to improve their well-being from a proactive perspective and this event is completely free for all to attend.

Tickets: Free




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