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Carolyn Lilly and Merln Nyakam Carolyn Lilly and Merln Nyakam
Carolyn is the Founder and CEO of Feel the Rhythm Productions and Merln from Cameroon is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer

18/10/2019 10AM | GUEST | Gracie

Carolyn Lilly, Founder and CEO of Feel the Rhythm Productions, which promoted dance and music in the African Diaspora in London. Afro Dance Xplosion now in it’s 9th year taking place at Rich Mix on Sat 19th and Sun 20th October. including 3 workshops per day.

Merln Nyakam
Merln Nyakam is from the Cameroon. He is an .internationally renowned dancer and choreographer. He will be the international guest at this yars Afro Dance Explosion.

About the event.
Afro Dance Xplosioon 2019 – A change is coming
Friday, 18th October 2019: Showcase at Rich Mix and workshops at WAC Sat 19th and Sun 20th
For this year’s Afro Dance Xplosion 2019 – “A Change is Coming”, we have a great showcase in store for you with a wide variety of artists from the African Dance Diaspora. The performance will feature the international renowned performer Merlin Nyakam, from the Cameroon, plus some of the best Choreographers and dancers in African, Cuban and Brazilian dance, plus Hip Hop, Afro Beat, DanceHall, Jazz, Contemporary dance and more.



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