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Femi Aseru Femi Aseru
Founder of Life of a Tree, a brand which connects its customers back to nature by providing natural herbal products which are Vegan, Raw and Ethical.

23/05/2019 10PM | GUEST | Karina H Maynard

Our founder Farmer Fem, was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in troubled 90′ Brixton, South London. He started a property management business in East London for short term housing lets, which placed his focus on the importance of providing basic necessities in order to gain financial independence via land management. This led him to apply for a degree in Agricultural business management at Writtle Agricultural College, Essex.

Our founder’ entrepreneur bone kicked in again and he decided to do contract farming in Greece harvesting olives for oil extraction, this grew his passion for field work. It was at this point he stumbled upon the Moringa tree and all of its benefits, both externally (for hair, skin and nails) and nutritionally. He had found his purpose to go back to his birth country and grow the Tree of life, Miracle tree, drumstick tree or better known by its scientific name Moringa Oleifera.

This was the humble beginning of Life of a Tree© a brand that grows Vegan | Raw | Ethical products. Life of a Tree© focuses on the full life cycle of the Moringa tree and most of its wonderful applications. Our trees are grown 100% organically and our end products are produced using only 100% natural methods with no artificial additives. We are a strong believer of women empowerment especially in areas where women’s voices are not heard. So we ensure we create viable job opportunities on our farms and team for women of all backgrounds and skill sets.



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