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Lovin' it! Rob Alias Rob Alias14/12/2018Rob Alias 14/12/2018 Rob Alias

Excellent show. Thoughtful, provocative questions set within a historical and current context. David's responses, thoughts and advice about how we can take an active role in combatting racism was presented in an articulate and intelligent manner 29/10/2018Livia Horsham 29/10/2018 Livia Horsham

Mario biondi gig at under the bridge.

Hi! Great to see you at the gig on Tuesday. Very jealous that you got a kiss from Mario. He was fabulous wasn't he? I have a blurry pic of the two of you 😁😁 xx Lynda25/10/2018Lynda 25/10/2018 Lynda

Show to day

Karina very good content - It would be great to think that the people who don't have this knowledge is getting this info but guess if the situation don't affect them why should they care and have the understanding. And yeah the people who know and have knowledge about this subject should lobby (by any peaceful means necessary) rather than moan and rant. Maureen08/10/2018Maureen 08/10/2018 Maureen


Great to catch you at Goosefest. You have been one of the greatest influences of the music we listen to. You just won two new listeners to Colourful. All the best Steve and Sheila Steve05/10/2018Steve 05/10/2018 Steve

Listening again ;-)

This evening your music seems more appealing to me. I am chatting to my Novia now and mentioned the bachata / sals etc. She is from Cartagena, Colombia and tells me that the music there is quite similar. Dave03/10/2018Dave 03/10/2018 Dave

I'm listening to Marcie

Good morning I hope she hasn't given me a shout out yet. I just woke up. Murna Murna 03/10/2018Murna 03/10/2018 Murna

Nice choons!

Hi Lorraine. Hope you're well. Still checking out your show most weekends or catching up on Mixcloud when I can't. Nice choons again today. 🙂 Ian IAN FRANCIS 04/08/2018IAN FRANCIS 04/08/2018 IAN FRANCIS

Rockin' It

Lovin' the tunes. x Rob Alias03/08/2018Rob Alias 03/08/2018 Rob Alias

Hello Sloan

Morning Sloan, I remember listening to your shows last year. Hope you back. Claire30/07/2018Claire 30/07/2018 Claire

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