Philip Poku Philip Poku
Award Winning Childcare Business Owner & Coach

11/10/2017 11AM | GUEST | Desiree Joule-Adam

Born and raised in Newham, East London, Philip Opoku dreamt of becoming a pharmacist. He studied Biomedical Science at Kingston University but after failing his repeat year, “They chucked me out,” he says emphatically.

He branched into childcare and before he knew it was the proud owner of 4 Children’s Day Nurseries in London and an after school club. Now with 11 years of experience, and the businesses up and running for 8 years, Philip says he whole journey has been a rollercoaster.

“Childcare has given me soooooo many highs like winning the Black British Awards in 2014 and soooo many lows like Ofsted shutting down one of my nurseries”.

With close to 500 children that have come through his doors we asked the question: Has it been worth it?

“100%” he says “…and given the chance, I would do it all over again. What a privilege it is to serve the children and their families”.



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Philo Newton

Director at EBP Events consultants Philo Newton has a wealth of knowledge into managing and curating luxurious large scale events and weddings.

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Leeman Robinson and Adrian Chambers

Ace of Jacks Entertainments and Media

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Descemer Bueno

Singer-songwriter, musician and producer. Descemer’s songs have repeatedly made it to the Top 10 in Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks.

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Jamal Edwards MBE

Founder of video channel SBTV and a pioneer of the UK grime scene.

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Dorance Lorza and Sexteto Cafe

One of the leading bands in the vibrant and exciting London salsa scene.

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Prophet Newton

Runs a natural workshop, The Coconut Kitchen. Prophet Newton has a lifetime of experience using natural herb, presents the coconut as a food.

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Raheem DeVaughn

Three-time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Raheem DeVaughn, son of renowned jazz musician Abdul Wadud, grew up in Maryland and cut his teeth performing in clubs throughout the Washington DC area

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Brother Ishmael Tetteh

Brother Ishmael Tetteh is a Spiritual Master, whose international presence and message of World Peace over the past 35 years has empowered thousands of lives from Africa, to Germany, to the UK, and now the United States.

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Usifu Jalloh and Patrice Naiambana

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Emem Rita Usanga

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Anthony David

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, it wasn’t until the aspiring musician moved to Atlanta in the 1990s that he began to gain momentum with his music. It was in Atlanta that he met R&B singer India.Arie who invited David to contribute a song to her 2001 album “Acoustic Soul”.

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Joe Lowther

Joe is the CEO of a thrilling organisation - Kick London, whose mission is to transform young peoples lives, with God’s love through sport and support.

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Panashe Chigumadzi

Panashe was born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, where she is considered one of the most promising young writers of the ‘Born Free’ generation.

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Kitty Campion

Kitty has written several books about a holistic approach to health and healing, including Handbook of Herbal Health, A Woman’s Herbal and Holistic Herbal for Mother’s and Babies

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Paola Melli

Director of the South Social Film Festival, Paola is a passionate Italian event guru, who has produced many top film festivals in Europe.

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Annmarie Lewis

Founding director of Rainmakers Worldwide.

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Ionut Iulian Ungureanu

Ionut Iulian is an Inspirational Speaker, Author of the book “Live. Love. Dream, The Real Results Coach and the Founder/CEO at Raise The World Company.

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Samantha Clarke

Samantha’s mission is to help companies and individuals by giving advice on the small things they can do to make a big difference to their happiness. She deliver this work via a portfolio career as a consultant, coach, podcaster, speaker and online educator.

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Yomi Sode

Once long-listed as one of MTV’s Brand New Artist’s, Writer/ Poet Yomi Sode, who has been performing for the past 10 years, balances the fine line between both Nigerian and British cultures, which can be, at times, humorous, loving, self-reflective and uncomfortable.

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Marcelle Mateki Akita

Marcelle Mateki is a writer and co-founder of Afrikult, a literary organisation that promotes, discusses and explores African literature.,

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Dr Ursula Read

Dr Ursula draws on her background in occupational therapy and anthropology using ethnographic methods to explore the experiences of people with severe mental illness and their families in Ghana

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Oliver Pearson

Mixedracefaces a project that will capture portraits and video clips of mixed -race people telling stories that define them.

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Rev Nims Obunge MBE DL

Nims is a Senior Pastor of Freedom’s Ark and CEO of The Peace Alliance.

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Live Lobby - Lenzo Zeus

I am a artist started out just singing rnb/soul music, as I developed in music I quickly realised that my versatility could spread to other genres of music.

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Shirley McDonald MIT

Consultant Trichologist. Since qualifying in 1991, Senior Trichologist Shirley has studied advanced nutrition for practitioners with Institute of Nutrition I.O.N and gained the diploma in Natural Nutrition from the College of Natural Nutrition.

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Chef Patrick Williams

Soul Food is cuisine that is steeped in heritage and tradition, with each locale having its own story and own flavours

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Bebe Clement and Julie Dennis

Bebe is a mature and well-seasoned Christian, involved in church leadership for over 20 years. Julie is a Menopause Coach and Consultant

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Judith Sephuma

Judith is an international multi award-winning artist from South Africa. She is the queen of Afro-Jazz, an acclaimed prolific and versatile singer with multiple platinum-selling albums.

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Jo Caesar

A singer/songwriter from East London who has worked and performed with a variety of musicians and artists that include Luciano, Bounty Killer, Mafia and Fluxy, Gappy Ranks, King Sounds and Caron Wheeler.

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The Codfather - Adam Randall

Delia talks to Adam Randall, co-owner of The Codfather - Proper Fish and Chips in Charleston

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Ania Chagowska

As well as being the founder and organiser of El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival, Ania Chagowska is also a performer, dance instructor, team leader and dance school owner.

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Jim Jackson

Clinical joint manipulation therapist and Research Scientist

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Uniek Grace

Funkè Ojo-Emessiri known by her stage name UniekGrace was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback she received when she started taking music more seriously. This talented Gospel Urban-Soul singer/songwriter has been building a buzz in Nigeria as well as in Europe, since the release of her single “I’m a survivor” in 2016.

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Shinehead began his music career by performing for different New York reggae dancehall sound systems in the 1980s, most notably Tony Screw's Downbeat The Ruler, based in The Bronx.

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Yaw Peprah

Yaw works in Cape town as a chief business officer for an investment promotion agency called Wesgro, which promotes the City of Cape Town and the five regions of the Western Cape

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Tony Tiyou

Founder, Director and Editor – Renewables In Africa

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Ernestia Fraser

Fraser's book Carnival of Love - A Tale of a Bahamian Family is a memoir that explores the meaning of love and family in a fractured household

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Osbanis Tejeda and Anneta Kepka

Founders of Deakocan Dance Company

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Raymond Edusei and Scott Ohene-Nyako

From Adinqra Digital a branding and design agency for ambitious start-ups and Africa-focused businesses.

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Janet Rawson and Andrew Baguley

Janet is a writer, playwright and actor. Andrew is a writer, voice artist and actor.

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Trevor Howard

International Co-ordinator of Churches in Communities International and a Trustee/Director of the Free Churches Group.

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Jeanette Young

Jeanette is a Fashion Designer, Stylist and Speaker, is a graduate of the London College of Fashion.

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Leee John

Presenting the Police and Thieves music video, the brain child of Leee John, lead vocalist and writer of the group Imagination, inspired by his observations of the challenges facing young people today.

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