Deborah Ikiebe

Deborah Ikiebe

Growing up I always enjoyed the 'organised chaos' of the events industry; mostly with family and friends birthdays and special occasions. This interest flowed with me right through university, where, when I was he one organising and searching for brands and businesses to use, I had the thought that there needs to be a platform which provides an equality for both large scale businesses/brands as well as the smaller and independently owned brands.

There is a growing frustration, where, you may pay a high price for a product or service because it came on the first page of Google; however there may be a freelancer who does the same work if not better, however due to them not being able to be on Google page 1 they go unnoticed.

This, as well as the fact that I felt the urgent need for improving the level of excellence amongst independently owned brands/businesses as well as rebuilding the continuity of spending with independent brands.

After not finding a good full time job after university, it was clear that this is what needed my focus. There is a need for this and also a great way I can build and incorporate my love of events too.  So, I set up O.N.E Movement: A multiplatform connecting and building independently owned businesses and brands
This is done mainly through our range of events (innovative ways of improving brands and peoples networks) and The Connecta Card (a spending programme encouraging customers to consistently by from more independent brands

I have had the pleasure of meeting such great people and brands thus far and look forward to what is to come