Cheryl Jumbo and Lateef Lovejoy

Cheryl Jumbo and Lateef Lovejoy

Cheryl Jumbo, BSc (Hons) is a London College of Fashion graduate, Cosmetic Scientist and Founder of Cherry Coco limited a natural skincare company. Having 16 years accumulated industry experience working for luxury brands and the likes of YSL Beauté, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, E.C DeWitt and QVC she decided to follow her passion of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Her visions of contributing positively to society have led Cheryl to use beauty as a tool, regularly involving herself in activities focused on empowering individuals via public speaking at education establishments, consulting, and also conducting natural skin care workshops for new mothers, cancer patients, sensitive skin types and more.

Naturally adventurous and partial to a challenge Cheryl is also the Founder of Black Beauty Communications ltd, and recently announced the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards. An exciting industry advancing event committed to acknowledging outstanding personal grooming products suitable for use by Black/Multiracial men and women and supporting entrepreneurs in the sector. As a people's choice award, the voice of the consumer is of utmost importance to BBFA in acknowledging products that make a real difference as well as creating a platform for new and young black beauty businesses whilst encouraging social corporate responsibility from larger organisations.

Cheryl say's "BBFA is devoted to moving the industry forward, whilst celebrating diversity. Afro hair and Beauty is unique and many times misunderstood. We need greater positive representation for the betterment of our society and the generations that follow. Over the long term I want to see Award winning Black Beauty products available in mainstream stores across the UK and encourage export of suitable products for bilateral trade with Africa and beyond".

Cheryl finds much satisfaction in supporting individuals in pursuing their dreams, she believes you can accomplish anything you commit yourself to! She is a firm believer in becoming the change you wish to see in the world. Tune in to hear this young vibrant beauty expert on a mission.

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