Denis Rosembert

Denis Rosembert

If you fancy relaxing on your sofa and reminiscing about the "good old days" well, this episode of The Dolor Factor on Colourful Radio is for you! As part of St Lucia’s Nobel Laureate Festival 2017, under the theme Celebrating Excellence: Fostering National Pride, This week’s The Dolor Factor features Denis Rosembert, who was born in St Lucia, but lives in the UK.

Chef and Author, Denis Rosembert, tells Delia how his family’s strict principles and hard work inspired him to achieve - from living in a house with no floorboards in St Lucia, to owning his own restaurant and guest house in the UK.

Denis talks about how amazed he was that there were so many bakeries in England; he thought the chimneys belonged to bakeries! And after travelling alone to the UK, how he dealt with the reality of life and how his St Lucian upbringing many times, saved the day.

On The Love Factor, Delia asks you to take a few moments to answer some deep questions…

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