Maude Hirst

Maude Hirst

British beauty Maude Hirst rose to fame playing Helga, in History Channel’s Vikings. She returns for the explosive second part of season 4 (4B).

Vikings transports us to a brutal and mysterious world, rife with conflict. It is brought to life through the journey of Viking Warrior Ragnar Lothbrook and his band of Viking brothers including the boat builder Floki.

In Vikings, Maude Hirst stars as Helga, the tenacious wife of the troubled and mischievous Floki. In season 4B, we see Helga overcoming obstacles and tragedy: a character who reflects many struggles faced by women today in her quest to become an independent and strong person in her own right.

After receiving a sought after scholarship to London’s Italia Conti, Maude went on to ply Kat Ashley in the highly successful BBC series The Tudors, alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill and Joely Richardson. Recently she has starred in the short film The Knock opposite Nico Mirallengro. Building on her passion for film, Maude founded Tuppence Films, which specialises in producing work with strong female leads, including the 2013 feature film, Smoke.  

Vikings Season 4B premieres on November 30th on the History Channel in the US, while UK viewers can watch from December 1st on Amazon Prime.