Marcus Explains

Marcus Explains

M.E. stepped into music from childhood. Born in North West London and raised in the borough of Brent, creativity and learning was always something encouraged by his family. ‘Hearing everything from Roots Dub reggae and Sly and the family Stone through to Savannah Band and Electro coming through the speakers at home you could say has moulded my musical sensibilities thanks to my dad being involved with music, owning a record shop and small independent Label from back in the day. I couldn’t really avoid hearing sounds, as they were everywhere. My brothers were no different and I was enthusiastic about things that they were excited about. Hip-Hop being one of them.

Every song in my catalogue doesn’t deal with hitting the usual buttons the typical rapper thinks they have to because the struggle whatever that maybe comes in various shades. When I was just starting out thinking about doing this I always knew my ‘alias’ would be me in the abbreviated form because It worked as some sort of reminder to myself to be true to self and not lose sight of that: Marcus Explains originated as an elaboration on a family joke that I always had an answer for everything- the other reason maybe is that I’m my mothers last child and thus a self centred tyrant!

I came up with this just being a dream I’d talk about with my brothers and school friends. In the early days I’d put songs together with long time friends in the area like Yankee and Kevin James. This continued onto creating music as part of a collective that included- Lef, T-Rebel and Xorcis great M.C’s in their own right. In these formative years I’d collaborate with other individuals here an there like Micall Parknsun (then known as Parkee) his partner in rhyme R.A.M. ,Al Simmons and Kyza ,nothing major it was pretty short lived; Other notables who have seen my journey from the start are brothers like D‘Lux, a respected producer and also someone who I’ve known since youth.Some of these works were released others were wasted opportunities-the way things were going I have to admit, it had me somewhat jaded like, what’s the point as the buying public in the U.K. doesn’t support the U.K. That was a frustrating time but what helped me was connecting with my cousin MC/Producer Propa and through him getting introduced to another great up and coming producer A.C. Layne ; their energy was a great revitalising inspiration. We’d record where we could -community centre studios to bedroom set-up’s, it didn’t matter, as long as we could get the work done. They were a major help at that time and we’ve been working on music together ever since.

Things became even more settled once I got introduced to a collective called Uprock and started renting out their studio.Those session birthed the Elohymns EP. So as we arrive in the present times, Besides Prop’s and A.C., with the addition of another brilliant brother by the name of Illicit Hekau also down the line Savvy and Rainmayqah - that’s the team until anything changes’.

Never one to rap for the sake of it -maintaining some form of creative integrity is paramount to M.E.-He has to be moved by his own work as a fan of the music before anyone else can. Moving people in the emotional sense as well as the physical with his music is a mission he will never tire of.
‘I make music and art in general for myself first, my family, my children, my comrades, my enemies, my neighbourhood, my rights and wrongs, my virtues and short comings. Everything is everything so if it’s a truth, brutal or beautiful I draw inspiration from it, life is the muse’

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