Hailing from Harrisburg, PA just outside of Philadelphia, Hip Hop Recording Artist Quentel Anthony Gann, better known for his stage name LAU, has been hitting the ground running since finding his love for music after being influenced by other Hip Hop greats like Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Reed Dollaz, Cassidy, and 50 Cent most notably. After going through many personal adverse situations throughout his life, it was then that LAU decided to get on his feet and hone his craft with music and turn his adversities into a mastered craft as a Recording Artist and Performing Artist. At age 14, he recorded a song with some friends on a tape recorder player. This is when his insatiable hunger to write his own music and perform came into play full circle, and an aspiring rapper was born. Despite an arrest at age 15 with a short Juvenile sentence, a musical fire was lit under LAU, and it was at this time that his pursuit of music became uncanny and unstoppable, body and soul. After getting a laptop for Christmas, LAU began writing and recording assortments of demos to begin honing his craft and becoming a dynamic lyricist. During this time, LAU began to draw a solidified fan base via Social Media and a buzz began to hit the airwaves and the eardrums in his hometown. Shortly after this, he shot his first Music Video in 2012 for his song "Better Days". A song dedicated to the awareness of gun violence that caused many deaths in Harrisburg around that time. Support from the city for LAU's song garnered him some very impressive support. That same year, LAU performed at a "Stop The Violence" event in Harrisburg, which was also his debut performance. Shortly after that, LAU travelled to Atlanta and following a meeting with hit-making producer Only1Skoota they formed an instant connection. Skoota took a major liking to LAU's material and decided to put his production touches on his current buzzing song; "WORK", which made the song what it is now. LAU is an Artist that truly believes in unity with music and people, and the desire to help in any way he can. He believes that everything he has learnt with music, he can use to help other Artists grasp their chances in life through music, the same way he did. With an exciting collaborative relationship with Jaded Records – a diverse boutique record label based in Atlanta GA, his heart in the right place, his songs buzzing throughout his hometown and beyond, expect major things afoot for LAU throughout 2016 and beyond. Déon Herring, CEO 931 Monroe Dr. NE Suite-A102/138 Atlanta, GA. 30308 Website:, Instagram: @jadedrecords_


FT ONLY1SKOOTA Demarion Javontae "Only1Skoota" Milford was born and raised on the Westside of Atlanta and educated in the Atlanta Public Schools system. Only1 is best known for producing music tracks for, and is signed exclusively as, a producer for Rich Homie Quan. His credits include, RHQ's "I swear" and "Rappin" from the "If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin In Ask RR" mixtape and is a featured rapper on Quan's Rich Homiez Mixtape". Only1Skoota has also produced tracks for; Yo Gotti, TK N Kash, Skooley, Money Hustle, and a number of other local and regional artists As a young boy, in Ralph Bunche Middle School in Atlanta, Only1 wanted to take music classes, but his behavior in other classes denied him a chance to take music. In response, Only1 begun to hit the school hallways and lunch room circuit with his instruments made of; pencils, pens, tables, chairs, scissors, and anything else he could get his hands to battle classmates at making beats. The lunch room battles kept Only1 remotely interested in attending school but, walking by the music class and hearing kids singing and playing instruments gave Only1 a since that maybe his teachers and administrators was right, maybe he wasn't good enough. The rejection from school administrators and the hurt eventually, gave birth to "Only1". Only1 began making beats for his friends and family and they started to take notice that Only1 not only loved music, but he was gifted at,making music, writing lyrics and even noticed he can hold a note vocally. Eventually, young Only1 was known to challenge other students to beat battles after school and became known for making beats. His popularity drew him to many other young rappers and producers and a number of projects. Yayo, Traffice, Kyyng, Personna, While working at the airport in a fast food restaurant, Only1 would make beats during his breaks. He always felt that with so many stars flying in and out of Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport that he would meet one and get a chance to show his beats. That day came with Rich Homie Quan stopped in to buy something to eat. The employees all called out to Only1 that RHQ was out front. Only1 grabbed his MAC and was headed to introduce himself and his music but the store manager would not have any of it. She warned him that if he said anything to RHQ, she would fire him. Although he didn't get to meet RHQ that day, about a year later, he was introduced to him be a mutual friend. RHQ signed Only1 to an exclusive producer's contract. iComeToChangeTheGame was Only1Skoota's first mix cd with his new management team, Built 4 Business. and it encapsulates all of what makes Only1koota the next artist from Atlanta to give legitimacy to the Atlanta hip hop/rapcommunity. Only1Skoota shows his artistic versatility from track to track as he goes from hardcore trap & street rap with "Lil Bish" and "Necessary" to his mellow but steady dance track "You You" and then he flows with the hood consciousness of "Glory" and "Destiny". If you're down with the hip hop movement and appreciate young talented rappers stepping out of the box, then you want to get to know Only1Skoota. iComeToChangeTheGame is the game changer. -- Déon Herring, CEO 404-558-4354 931 Monroe Dr. NE Suite-A102/138 Atlanta, GA. 30308 Website: instagram: @jadedrecords_

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