Jon Daniel

Jon Daniel

POST COLONIAL: 50 Brilliant Barbados Stamps Exhibition

This unique display of fifty stamps, specially selected from Jon’s personal collection and the archives of Stanley Gibbons has been created to celebrate Barbados’s historic fiftieth anniversary of Independence. The exhibition will take place at Stanley Gibbons flagship store at 399 Strand, London from now until 25th November 2016

Jon Daniel  - Independent Creative Director (the photo of Jon Daniel courtesy of National Museums Liverpool)

Through his father, Jon has dual nationality and citizenship of Barbados

Jon’s Afro Supa Hero collection is currently being exhibited at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. A large part of the exhibition explores his family as an inspiration. Afro Supa Hero displays Jon’s personal collection of Black pop cultural heroes and heroines of the African diaspora (both real life and fictional), through comics, action figures, memorabilia and games. It explores the importance of role models and icons in combating the legacies of racism and discrimination. It provides a snapshot of Jon Daniel’s childhood journey to adulthood, shown through this very personal collection.

 Dr Richard Benjamin - Head of the international Slavery Museum

The International Slavery Museum pays homage to the many lives lost as a result of the transatlantic slave trade, it remembers Liverpool’s role as the main European slaving port, and it also celebrates the survival and development of African and Caribbean cultures.


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